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Piboy 1UP XL pelican case project

  • Hi all
    Once reading this if you could please consider reading my request of help in the relevant section, as i have an issue with Retroarch (lost ability to navigate its menus after messing up with controllers settings)- thanks!
    So the case has a 7" lcd screen, I am using a 12v lipo with 5v voltage rectifier for screen. I can operate screen also with a normal usb cable (dedicated socket).
    Lipo can be charged with second port (independently).
    The switch powers up the screen with lipo, voltmeter is needed to monitor lipo's charge and know when it needs recharging (when it reaches 9.5v or more ideally).
    Voltmeter shows around 4v when screen is operated by usb, cause there is power absorbtion by the screeb and hence it cannot read the full 5v, but they are all there!

  • Ver 2.0
    Replaced lipo with a anker 20000mah powerbank.
    Added usbc port to charge both the anker and the piboy 1up simultaneously (no need to take the piboy out the case to recharge it), and also an extra external usb socket (anker powerbank has 2 outputs) to charge my phone or the Pi controller or whatever works with a usb charger.


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