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  • Hi All

    I have finally gotten all the button connected and controller installed but need some help to the mappings

    (I am going to have labels under each button later printed out)

    So the buttons above are
    Two controller 4 and 8 way joystick (I guess I need to map them to the D-PAD)

    Then the "standard buttons"

    Y - X - L1 - R1 -- This would be mapped to Y - X - Left shoulder? - Left trigger?
    B - A - L2 - R2 -- This would be mapped to B - A - Right shoulder? - Right trigger?

    Now for the difficult ones (Yes I have a lot of buttons but I wanted to keep dual press as a minimum)
    White buttons below:
    Player 1: (Left side)
    Menu - Select - Coin 1 - One Player -->

    Menu = Hotkey?
    Select = Select
    Coin 1 = Start
    One Player = ?

    Player2: (Right side)
    Two Player - Coin 2 - Pause - Exit -->

    Two player = ?
    Coin 2 =? Start 2 for secound controller?
    Pause = ?
    Exit = ?

    I am also using the arcade for launchbox so here the extra buttons are also needed....
    Looking forward to your input and how to start trying playing games on my new arcade machine

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