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  • Hi,

    My Gamepadblock 1.4.1 finally arrived this week after terribly slow Covidpost, but unfortunately all I'm getting from it is a pretty green light.
    Basically, I would like it to connect 2 original mega drive controllers to my RPi3b.

    I've followed the wiring instructions as the official website instructs and set the dip switches, but nothing is recognised, neither on my RPi, Mac, or PC.

    I wanted to check I was doing everything right before I requested an exchange. I really hoped this would go well so I could use the same method with my 2 original SNES controllers.

    If anyone has any suggestions, they would be much appreciated, thanks

  • Global Moderator


    Sorry for this delayed reply.

    First, I would suggest to connect the GamepadBlock to the PC without anything attached. The GamepadBlock should appear in Windows in the list of connected "USB Game Controllers".

    If the GamepadBlock does not appear in that list, you could try to update its firmware with the update utility. Instructions for how to do that can be found in the screencast on the utility page.

    If the GamepadBlock still does not show up, I am afraid that something is not right and you could ask for a replacement. You can contact me in that case.

    If it shows up, you could continue with wiring the controllers to the GamepadBlock step by step. If something goes wrong there, it could happen, e.g., that the GamepadBlock gets shorted and cannot run properly.

    I hope this gives some ideas!

  • @petrockblog


    Thanks for getting in touch - really appreciate the support.
    I'll give your suggestions a try and let you know the outcome.

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