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  • system(s)/retropie:
    ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS, retropie 4.6.9 (9d534677), lr-mame2016 (source only option (*1)), Input: Keyboard
    raspberry 4/2gig, retropie 4.6.9 (39d72a20), lr-mame2016 (build from binary), Input: I-Pac2 (Keyboard Mode)

    On both Systems, via Mames TAB Menu, I tried to map the semicolon key as a player button and got no results for it: Mame2016 is just waiting for an input-event and captures nothing when I press that key/button.

    Of course the easy workaround for me would be to reconfigure my IPac2, but still I wanted to ask: Is that a known issue? Is it worth reporting it (still enough people there who may care for it and maintain the code)?

    [1]: if I remember it right, I had to install python 2 for it
    P.S: (obviously) libretro controls are set to keyboard (neither retropad nor simultaniously makes any sense for me (the most important reasons are: I have a button mapped to TAB (to open the MAME menu, so retropad is no option) and that simultaneously will get me a doubled input).

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