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  • Hello - has anyone found a way to configure either PieMarquee2 or Scraper so that the marquees downloaded by Scraper are displayed by PieMarquee2? Right now I am just manually copying things around...

    I am using Selph’s scraper and losernator PieMarquee2.


  • Actually a follow up question: are there requirements on what size or aspect ratio the marquees need to be? When I use the ones from scraper they look squished on my display.

    I’m using a raspberry pi 4, and the display is a VS Display 14.9 inch 1280x390 LCD screen.

    I saw some instructions in PieMarquee2 about adding an fbset call to the so I followed those but I really have no idea what they did (and they didn’t help solve the image looking squished).

    The images that come stock with PieMarquee2 look fine

    Thank you.

  • Another follow up: I took one of the scraper marquees, which had a size of 400x100, and resized it to the same size as the stock images which is 544x272. Despite the image looking stretched out in an image viewer, the image looks correctly scaled on my monitor! But it also has a lot of padding around it and doesn’t fill up the whole display.

    So it does seem like there’s some aspect ratio stuff I don’t quite understand. I’m not sure if it is PieMarquee2 or my display yet.

  • Aha, I get it now.

    My primary monitor is running at 720p. So the second display has to run at that aspect ratio as well. So since my second display is 1280x390, I need to scale up my image height by 1.85 for them to look right.

    When I did that, it looks good. It doesn’t fill up the entire display, I’m not sure why. But at least it looks much better.

    Now I just need to automate the whole thing somehow.

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