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Comunity Cases - An Idea Trade for Portable Cases

  • Hello! -first topic- I've noticed there's plenty of Portable Game Cases for the Pi, but most of them are rather 'expensive' ($80+ USD) which is sadly currently beyond me at the moment. I'll be honest I was aiming for a PiGranate or similar. But above the money there's something that bugs me, there's no "modularity" as in you can't take off the Pi and use it outside the case, some cases solider directly to the pi, (Pi Zero is an exception) which ultimately kills that part. It feels that you're stuck with a game console, and not an optional PC. Some very specific cases cut all connectivity with the pi (no usb, hdmi, etc) so I'm posting here , not to complain (that part's done) but to have an open idea and suggest topic on a much easier, more accessible and hopefully more 'free' (freedom) case ideas and have others build on it! Of course, everyone does things their way, most of the time anyway, but might like to share their mods and some might take suggestions.

    Here's my take
    Cardboard for case (for starters) - probably will add a better casing, stronger than plastic, in the meantime I'm using a TV's hard cardboard
    LCD Composite Display (the car ones) - $8-$15
    PiGRRL / SNES Controller Base - $5
    Controller Base Adapters - $7.50-$9
    Speakers - $3 ($1.50 e/a)
    Analog Stick - $5
    Jumper Cables - $2
    7.4v Battery - Good Luck, currently searching, please post what you find
    PowerBoost Porbably of Choice (Please Recommend) - $15-$20 -- Harder Hit
    2x20 Box Header/GPIO Headers (Please Recommend)- $.75/$1.50 - For compiling and easy applications to Pi
    Composite cable - Depends (I got mine with CHIP)

    That's about $47-$60 compare to some cases. Of course, add the Battery and any extra components, keep in mind, this was made with the Pi3 in mind. However, because I am new at this (another motive for making this topic), of course there are some issues such as;

    • No Idea how I'm gonna power up the screen, probably through the PowerBoost
    • Audio comes from composize, probably need an AV>Jack converter or something
    • Still don't know how to assemble this properly, I am using various guides havemercypls

    I am completely open to suggestions for my case, but I hope this example can help others on their quest as well.
    Have you done a case? How was your experience? What was your inspiration?

    Inspired by ::

    Late Introduction;
    Name's Carlos, Game Designer Graduate, dying to compile to Pi and test some of my games <3

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