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  • Background & resources used:
    I'm obsessed with a game called Airborne Ranger for Commodore 64.
    I've got the game working with the default emulator VICE and used the Github Wiki to get the joystick up and running (Specifically: the d-pad, fire button, menu, and map)

    This game has more keyboard controls than what I see in the wiki guide.

    • I want to map those keys to buttons on my xbox 360 (wireless) controllers.
      • Here is the specific mappings I'm after (this will also show you the extra buttons):
        • Format: keyboard buttons -> Xbox controller
        f1 -> right analog up
        f3 -> right analog left
        f5 -> right analog right
        f7 -> right analog down
        INST DEL -> Left bumper
        CRSR -> Right bumper
        5 -> X
        6 -> Y
        7 -> B

    This post/comment lists more configurations but I don't quite know how to interpret it to get what I need.

    I'd love any assistance this wonderful community could provide. Thanks for considering.

  • Heh----that's the danger with enjoying less-popular systems, not as much info is available in the world :-(

  • This post is deleted!

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