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Sensible world of soccer

  • Hello everyone

    Recently ordered a raspberry pi3 b. Looking forward to letting my son see all the retro games I used to play (35 now).

    One game I would love to play again is sensible world of soccer on the Amiga. Does anyone know if this is available?


  • @k6lbe the DOS version should work fine mate using g the DOSBox emulator.

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    The Amiga (the best ;-) ) version also works fine.

  • @BuZz I completely agree it's the best version. I spent way too many hours playing this, Championship Manager 93/94 and Civilisation on my A600.

    I just have the DOS version and know it works...

  • @BuZz Any advice to get it to work. you are right by the way

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    Are you stuck / Do you have a specific question ?

  • @BuZz I actually do (sorry for hijacking this old thread, but I assume it's better than creating a separate one), and it's mostly about the controllers.

    Recently a 2016/2017 database fan update to SWOS was launched (you can easily find it on Google - I'm not sure if I can post links here), so I've been trying to get it to work on the Pi with PS3 controller, but with little luck - the shoot button seems to be mapped to R3 (!), and I can't seem to exit the emulator without a keyboard, so it doesn't seem to work as I intended it to. The wiki seems to suggest that the Amiga emulators have hardcoded controls, so I'm out of luck there.

    Does that reflect your experience? Meaning, how do you actually control your SWOS on the Amiga in your Pi? I'm assuming keyboard?

    Tomorrow I'll be trying to set it up via DosBOX, which seems to be easier to get it to run with the PS3 controller, judging from the several articles linked from the wiki.

    Thanks, and have a great weekend!

  • @pjft Thanks for the heads-up about the 2016-17 version of SWOS. As tribute, here are my config files for setting it up in DOSBox. Full details of file locations and mappings for the PS3 controller in the README.

    PS You could try xboxdrv to map the Amiga emu to your controller.

  • @dudleydes Thank you @dudleydes for the mappings . I will look into the configuration of the controls for the Amiga version as well using xboxdrv, but so far I'm having fun on the PC version, works great! :)


  • Hi.

    I'm trying to find out how to play the patched 2016/17 version of SWOS on retropie. I have a raspberry pi3 and SWOS 96/97 version runs flawlessly. But i don't know how to run 2016/17 patch.

    Any solution? Thanks.

  • @broxopios I'm running it flawlessly on DosBox. I believe I was also able to load the Amiga version but then struggled with making the controls.

    What problems or errors are you finding? Any logs you can share? What platform or emulator are you using?


  • @pjft i use Amiberry emulator.

    I've downloaded the amiga version from here . It has 3 versons of amiga. LHA, CD32 & CD32 (SX32). Amiberry can only see the 3rd, but can't loaded. Maybe i have the wrong file?

  • @broxopios I can't help much with the Amiga version. I believe I used LHAs mounted as disks on the UAE emulator. Never used Amiberry, sorry.

  • @pjft i have UAE emulator too. How you managed to mount LHA as disks?

    Thank you

  • @broxopios I would love to give you more detailed answers but I really don't use the Amiga emulator on my pi. I tried it back when I was trying this out.

    My best guide was


    However, searching back, I can't find anything to that effect. I do find some complicated guides which do ring a bell, meaning that I may have actually gone through all this process, which looks quite complex and painful. This post provides another approach is you're willing to try.

    Going through this reminds me why I ended up going with the PC version via DosBox.

    Sorry I can't help more with the Amiga one but if you end up succeeding do share the results!

  • @pjft thanks.

    I'll try the DosBox too, if i wont get the amiga version to work.

    First i need find out how to make swos 2016/17 start and then try to configure the controls.

  • ok i tried the pcversion via DosBox and runs flawlessly. The only drawback is that DosBox window is small and doesn't fill the whole tv screen. In command says that we can go full screen with alt-enter, but nothging changes.

  • @broxopios said in Sensible world of soccer:

    ok In command says that we can go full screen with alt-enter, but nothging changes.

    That refers to running DOSbox on a desktop like Windows, as for getting DOSbox full screen on Retropie, I had and managed to fix the same problem with getting Beebem working (which was a journey in and of itself which is still not finished, but that's for another thread)

    Press any button while the emulator's loading and change the default screen mode and framebuffer size, that might help.

    The DOS version will probably be easier to get working as DOSbox contains everything you need to get DOS games running out of the box.

    Getting the Amiga version working may require downloading buying the Kickstart ROMS from Cloanto and transferring those Kickstarts to the Pi. I say may require, because UAE4ARM may have an open source Kickstart replacement which might work with floppy based games.

    Once you've done that, you can then copy over the Amiga games as ADFs (not IPFs)

  • @GeoNeilUK thanks for the advice regarding DosBox. What i done and worked was to change the settings from config file.

    Now about Amiga version which i prefer over PC version, i have all the necessary Kickstart ROMS. What i don't know how to figure out, is which files i have to put for the SWOS 2016/17 new patch. Every game i tried and worked, is adf or zip files. The 2016/17 patch doesn't have adf file.

    Is anyone here who want to try the new update on retropie and see if we can play it?

    Thank you.

  • @broxopios the two links I posted earlier state two approaches to get LHA content imported into ADF files. You may want to look into that. Let us know how it goes!

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