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RunCommand menu - joystick control no longer operating. Mayflash USB, Playstation Dualshock

  • Hi all,

    Usually I tend to puzzle away at problems until I defeat them, but I'm hoping that this time somebody can point out what I'm missing and help me solve it...

    I'm running RetroPie 3.8, installed on top of Raspbian Jessie. This installation has been in place and stable for a few months.

    I found today, after not using RetroPie for gaming for a while, that I cannot launch the Runcommand menu from any button on the controller, nor can I navigate the menu via joystick if I enter it via the keyboard (navigation by keyboard is fine).

    I have checked that joystick navigation is enabled within the RetroPie menu options (and toggled the option, rebooting between, just in case).

    The only recent change to the installation was a rebuild of a known-good version of RetroArch (1.3.4, July 17th release) as a result of investigating an issue with recording via FFmpeg which a user raised on my blog.

    One other change that seems of relevance is that today I manually uninstalled Kodi, which I had installed via RetroPie setup months ago. I subsequently reinstalled Kodi (updating from version 15 to 16 in the process).

    I re-configured the Dualshock using the Emulation Station configuration menu.

    The joystick works fine within RetroArch core emulators, and with the RGUI menu.

    Thanks in advance to anybody able to shed light on this oddity.


    Interesting - I performed a full power down, disconnected the external hard disk, then rebooted. From the terminal I launched directly into Emulation Station, and everything was working as normal.
    I exited ES, loaded LXDE desktop, attached the USB disk, exited the desktop and loaded ES - again, everything worked as normal. (I thought that somehow the external disk was a factor, although that made little sense, hence these tests).
    I'm not sure what's happened, as I've never had a problem with RunCommand since I started using version 3 of RetroPie.

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