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How many systems will fit in Carbon theme without a white screen of death?

  • I'm packing together an image and trying to fit as many systems as possible into it. I hit 43 systems and EmulationStation boots into a white screen. I've adjusted the suggested settings in the wiki, but short of removing systems to resolve the problem, does EmulationStation have the capability to load more than 43 systems using the Carbon theme?

    What dictates the number of systems before a white screen? I know the simple theme used png backgrounds and logos that were too big in size, so loading was an issue. Is it the theme itself or the number or roms within a system or a combination of the two?

    I know this is an obvious question, but clarification on what the bottle neck is would be great thanks. I wonder if changing all images into svg to reduce size would help or not?

  • @DrMaxwell if you delete the controller.svg (or are they .png now?) out of all the systems themes in the carbon theme you should be able to add every single system available no problem

  • @DrMaxwell

    delete the controller.svg

    You may also need to delete the line in the various theme.xml files that points to the svg path. Something like:


    I'm not sure about this, but it may error out if it looks for the svg image and it isn't there. Just delete the controller.svg first and if it doesn't break, then great. If it does break though, try deleting that line from the theme.xml files and see if that works.

  • @mattrixk it does not cause an issue when it comes to the controller pics.

  • @edmaul69 okay cool, good to know.

  • @mattrixk personally i still removed the whole code block referring to it and would do it just because im not sure if it uses any ram looking for a removed file or not and i wanted to save as much ram space as possible.

  • Controller pictures are also .svg just as the logos are, so I don't think that is the issue unless the there is memory limit reserved for the theme and the svg is hitting it.

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