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  • The round 2 post was getting a little big so here is a new place to post!! this week a random game was picked so smart practicing for saturday!!!
    (ps, the rom name is

  • Don't forget to put the bosco sound samples in your samples folder for the maximum effect.

  • Based on what @dankcushions said and did I would like to propose another format for our weekly gaming.

    Every sunday night/monday we randomly choose a game from the MAME 0.78 romset and start a thread at "General Discussion and Gaming" section. During the week we post any content about the game on the respective thread. The content can be:

    • screenshots with hi-scores
    • tips/tricks/strategies
    • fun facts and curiosities
    • angry comments saying how the game is f#$%@ing hard

    I think that doing this way is simpler (no rules, dip-switches configs, etc), more people will get involved, and it'll be more fun than just competing.

    We can call it MAME ROW (Random of the Week). And name the topics titles as something like that (for this week) "MAME ROW #1: Bosconian".

    The post should have a template like this

    Game Name:
    ROM file name:

    What do you guys think?

  • sounds great from now on, i just have one question, are most of the games on the .78 rom set the same as the .37b5 romset. this is the one i use as it does not use tetrarch and works the best with my ipac2

  • @Cole_48 said in Forum tournament round: 3 bosconian!!!:

    are most of the games on the .78 rom set the same as the .37b5 romset


  • @meleu I liked this new proposal to our competition.

  • I just noticed that Bosconian (at least the Midway version) resets the 1UP score to 0 right after gameplay ends. So if you want to take a screenshot of your score, you're going to have to break 20,000 and take the high score.

  • @meleu Sounds nice: Go for that !

  • If it helps I found that shooting the center directly offers less points. If you shoot all the cannons but one and then shoot the center you get just short of double points . This is achievable for me on round 1 and 2 but it is hard in further rounds because you will get the red sign and then you will have a very hard time. I hope this helps!!

  • @Cole_48
    I realized a fun fact about the old arcade gamers. I think they had strategies to get hi-scores not only going as far as they can, from one stage to another.

    I noticed it in the 3 rounds of our tournament:

    1. Phoenix: when those blue birds are only balls, they worth just a few points. When they turn into birds, they worth more.
    2. New Rally-X: when you get the special flag before all the others you will earn double points.
    3. Bosconian: the tip you shared with us.

    When I was a little kid watching the big guys making fun of each other because one had a name on the hi-score list as 1st place... Without internet, how many coins had they spent until get a nice strategy to earn more points? :-)

  • Global Moderator

    @meleu said in Forum tournament round: 3 bosconian!!!:

    how many coins had they spent until get a nice strategy to earn more points?

    ... and how come that "ASS" guy always got the high score?

  • I agree, it would have taken me all week with unlimited credits to figure that out had I not looked up the game

  • Yeah we didn't have the internet or YouTube to look up how to master those Arcade games or even console games! I can remember going to Software Etc. in the mall to look at strategy guides for what ever point & click adventure I was stuck on. I also subscripted to both Nintendo Power and EGM magazines and they would have strategies and cheats for random games as well.

  • I hope I can join this time. Last week I've been in training for my 2nd job (school bus driver (may God have mercy on my soul)). If I pass my test, then I'm gonna get some beer tomorrow night, kick back and practice and hope to join in this weekend. Bosconian is a fun game I use to play allot back in the day. I hope to make it to the top 10. :)

  • This is a great way to discover new games! Hopefully will get the time to submit a score this time. My initial attempts have been quite poor!

  • Booting up my RetroPie now. Finally got all the kids off my bus. They were angels this morning but damn, they can turn into demons in the afternoon. Nevertheless, I'm going for a few practice games. I'll pop back on tomorrow with some screen shots. Have fun gaming everyone. :)

  • I know what a school bus is like. I ride one everyday.

    On a non-related note, Never played Bosconian

  • @qix77 Are you this kind of bus driver? :D


  • The tournament is live (and has been for a while in my timezone) have fun 👉🎮👈

  • @meleu Pretty much me in a nutshell. lol... Actually the kids go freaking insane in the afternoons. Still trying to get my company to use a cattle prod. Zap those kids when they get out of line. lol

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