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  • Hi,

    I've started playing Mother 3 on a GBA emulator (lr-mgba because it's what launches by default).

    I've read online a bit about people having issues with the rhythm combo system within emulators.
    If you're not familiar with it, basically, when you attack an enemy, you can press the A button to the beat to string on up to 16 additional attacks in the single attack action.

    The issue I've seen a lot of people have is that, in their Windows GBA emulator of choice, a frame skip is set to a value above 0 by default, which creates some sort of desync, making it very hard to actually press the button with the beat and get the game to register it.
    When they switch the frame skip to 0, which apparently syncs the game up with the controller better, they're able to make use of the rhythm combo system.

    I've noticed my rhythm combos to be a bit wonky, but I've only just started the game, and I could just be bad at it.

    I'm wondering if anyone here knows if switching such a setting in any of the GBA librerto emulators is possible, or even necessary. Maybe there's no frame skip by default?


    Using a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B if that matters.

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