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Aimtrak Light gun and Mame2003

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    @bigphildogg86 said in Aimtrak Light gun and Mame2003:

    Awesome thanks so much!
    Yeah Andy had responded with the following to my query:

    For the gun to work, Mame needs to explicitly support the mouse as a light gun device. The gun appears as a mouse and sends “absolute” XY data. This is a standard type of device on a PC and is the same as a touch screen. Standard mice send relative data, ie movement from the previous location.

    So I don’t know if that version does interpret mouse XY data as light gun data unfortunately. It seems it does not, if the data is getting through and the game is configured but not working.


    so mame2003 actually does support relative devices (pointer), but our issue is that it's not actually getting any readings :) that's why the cursor isn't moving at all rather than moving around crazily.

  • @dankcushions Ahh right. If it was sending any kind of XY coordinates the cursor should be moving, if it was an absolute versus relative issue the XY coordinates would just be misinterpreted and make the cursor go all around the screen. Yeah if we can get that tool to show us the real time results maybe I can take that to Andy and see if he has any ideas.

  • @dankcushions So I didn't make any progress with SDL. BUT I found a Vs. Duckhunt that would work on AdvanceMame 0.94. And in AdvanceMame the light gun is moving the cursor and I was able to map the x and y motion to the cursor motion. It is still acting a little funny jumping from corner to corner and not really giving me much but it seems that the gun is interacting with AdvanceMame. Maybe it is just Mame2003 and udev. Not sure if AdvanceMame uses udev also or not.

    Maybe it's also that when I'm mapping in AdvanceMame it says it's joy2. So the actual input isn't coming from mouse0?

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    @bigphildogg86 did you try input driver linuxraw?

    unfortunately the udevadm monitor tool doesn't give a real-time readout of coords, only if things are connected.

  • Hi, any movement on this?

    im eager to add a light gun to my bartop.

    fingers crossed

  • AdvanceMame 1.4 light gun games are working for me using a wii mote and sensor bar. I've tested Aliens 3, Lethal Enforcer and Police Trainer successfully.

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  • Hi,

    I am currently working on a configuration tool for the aimtrak guns.
    aimtrak works for me on retropie with advmame 3.4 on the few games I have tested so far.


  • @gunpadawan Super cool! Does this work directly on the pi?

  • @HurricaneFan I'm going to buy dolphin bar soon (and already borrowed a wii remote plus from a collegue... that's the most expensive component... over 40 euro here in Italy) to try your config. Any specific suggestion on how to set it up with advmame?

  • @UDb23 I think all I did was setup the wiimote in the emulationstation controller setup. And my advancemame 1.4 settings were default settings out of the box.

    So the number 5 on my keyboard inserted a coin, and number 1 started the game. The dolphin bar recognizes the wiimote in mode 2 and you get a crosshairs that shows you what your pointing at. The trigger button shoots.

  • @HurricaneFan I have the same setup, Wiimote and Dolphinbar on Advmame 1.4. I currently have Lethal Enforcers, Beast Busters, Operation Wolf, Operation Thunder, Police Trainer, Space Gun, Zero Point, Zero Point 2 and Zombie Raid, among a few other old trap/clay shooting games working with this, but I have my Dolphinbar set on the first setting. But yeah, if you have the right games in Advmame, you don't have to set up anything. The crosshairs show up right away. That being said, with arcade games that had more than one button other than the trigger, you'll have to map it. I had to map my Wiimote A button as the grenade button in the settings. Before, the trigger would just fire all the grenades until they were done, then it would fire the regular bullets. So, there's some tweaking that needs to be done, but only for some games, and way less than i thought!

  • @BGallagherLA Does your police trainer game sound weird before you insert a coin? I noticed mine did. After the coin insert, everything sounded like it should.

  • @HurricaneFan Actually I dont think sound works on mine at all. I played it the other day and sound wasnt working. Sometimes sound just randomly cuts out on everything though, so I think it's more of some weird pi issue than a game issue. I still haven't upgraded to a Pi 3 yet. Since they were coming out once a year, I was gonna wait for the 4, but now I hear the 4 might not be out till 2019, so guess I'm gonna have to get a 3...

  • @HurricaneFan What I really wanna do is figure out how to use this setup on consoles like SMS/NES/Genesis. There are a few crappy emulators (DGEN, Osmose) that it half works on. I can fire, but crosshairs wont move.

  • @BGallagherLA I think the issue with other emulators is it reads the mouse movement differently. I thought I saw something that the emulators need to be able to use absolute positioning and a lot of them use relative positioning.

  • @HurricaneFan yes it does, which is useful to make sure the gun can see the IR led and also reconfigure between games (mouse or joystick for instance)

  • @HurricaneFan said in Aimtrak Light gun and Mame2003:

    So the number 5 on my keyboard inserted a coin, and number 1 started the game. The dolphin bar recognizes the wiimote in mode 2 and you get a crosshairs that shows you what your pointing at. The trigger button shoots.

    First test results are not really great (using wiiremote plus & mode 2, tried both advmame 3.x and 1.4):

    • will act as mouse only if really near (1m) to the sensorbar
    • pointing area limited at the bottom (regardless of top o bottom setting of the switch on the bar); can't aim at the lower part.

    Any suggestions ?

  • @UDb23 I use my wiimote about 3 1/2 to 4 feet from my sensor bar. I don't think I've seen an issue with pointing at the bottom. What game did you test?

  • @HurricaneFan forgot to tell: operation wolf

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