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Zelda, Tron, NES, Super Mario World Bartops

  • @caver01 I went to a local print shop that does signs - not a Kinkos or Office Max, but a real print shop. I took my pre-cut acrylic pieces in and they printed my art backwards on what I believe are something like window stickers, then applied them to the backside of my pieces.

  • @phrazelle I remember seeing your Zelda cabinet on Instructables. It makes mine look like crap in comparison

  • Great work @phrazelle. How could one contact you about commissioning another bartop?

  • @Adrian Thanks! We could talk about that, but shipping would be the big issue. I live in the middle of the US and I believe it would have to be freight. You can email me at phrazelle -at-

  • I love these. I only wish I had any idea where to get the case art made.

  • I have to say the Cabinet art is fantastic. My favorite is the Super Mario World. Where did you have that done??? So good.

  • @thedudester80 Thanks! I did all the art. To be fair, they're all basically mashups redrawn in Illustrator. For example, the enemy side of the SMW cabinet started with this image:


    but I pulled the elements out that I wanted to use as vectors and redesigned in Photoshop.

    @obsidianspider As for printing, they are just large vinyl decals printed at a sign shop. Same with the marquee, bezel and control board. I took in the plexiglass pieces pre-cut and they reverse printed on the back of them.

  • what type of display are using.. PC monitor? TV? Im interested in this quite a bit

  • @ShdwKnt I used computer monitors on all of these. Biggest thing was making sure they had DVI outputs so I could use an HDMI > DVI cable for the video signal. I sourced them all from random areas (pawn shops, craigslist, company liquidations, etc) and built the bezels around the monitors I wound up with.

  • Very nice job on those cabinets! Just Beautiful.
    I personally like the Tron one. ;-)

    I kinda miss the fighting game cabinet designs. Most guys when they build bar top cabinets they use Nintendo characters or classic arcade game designed decals/bezels. I would love to see a nice Street Fighter or any NeoGeo fighting game designed cabinet.
    Another thing I wonder is the button layout out. Is that chosen on purpose or just matching the decal design?
    I cannot imagine to play all too long on such a cabinet without getting wrist pain. When I used to build my own arcade sticks I always went with the Japanese stick and button layouts or the same one like Hori does for their sticks. Check here.

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