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XBOXDRV Guidance Needed

  • Sure thing. It's interesting the things we discover along the way trying to solve a problem. This all started because I wanted to get the latest version of RetroArch to have Leaderboard support. That led to the config files getting broke and needing to get replaced with the generic default. That led to all the custom changes I did for my controllers to work on the fly to disappear and stop working. Now I'm back to rebuilding the kernel so I can have a more permanent XBOXDRV solution. I still can't figure out why nobody else is having all these problems lol.

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    Ha! Let's face it, solving these issues is the real game, saving the princess is just a bonus round.

  • @mediamogul You sure got that right! But this is fun too. This is what keeps me spending money where I shouldn't. :)

  • Well after fully rebuilding the kernel with the correct patches, I'm still having the same symptoms. My Raphnet NES2USB adaptor is being identified with 2 event ID's, but only one device ID.

    This ONE hindrance is causing me ALL my issues. :( If I can distinguish a specific device for Controller 1 and Controller 2, I'm SOL. Does anybody have any idea on a different approach here?

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    Does anybody have any idea on a different approach here?

    Seeing as how the focus has shifted to something so different, it might help to start a new thread focusing on these types of multi-port adapters.

  • @mediamogul I agree. I'll continue to update in a new thread.

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