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Usb roms transfer question

  • Firstly, Raspberry pi3, with retropie updated to 4.1 or latest after that (as of 10.1.17, erm, 4.1.9?) using every emulator I possibly can!) no issues, I'm loving it!

    Hi all, I'm looking to move from an sd card to a hard drive setup, but I have a couple of questions;
    In transferring my roms to a big hard drive, on which I have films for kodi, will it also copy my configs too? I want to move from a 64gb sd card to a small 8gb one as the 64 is full and I wish to play with an awful lot more! So I could run a fresh install and set that up to access the hard drive, but would rather not have to reconfigure everything if possible. I'm fairly confident, searching previous posts, that my films won't be destroyed in the process, although I may do a dry-run first to be sure(!) Or, am I better off just starting from scratch, copying over all my roms and saves, setting the new card to mount the hard drive and then doing the configs all over again? In which case are there are other folders I should also transfer in order to retain my current setup?

    Tldr: I guess what I'm asking is, if I do the usb transfer, then boot into a fresh (smaller) card, set to mount the hard drive, will it be the same as if I continued with the larger card, or would I have to configure individual games and controllers the way I want them as I already have?

    As an aside, dear mods, you rock. I check often, every day to see what problems others have, and to find solutions to my own issues, and you just don't rest. Even over Christmas and the new year, you're there with advice and help, a real dedication to this project and the folks who use it.
    To all users, I'd find it hard to believe you don't likely also have a console, so I'd ask, how much do you pay for a game on there? How much do you play those games? Surely what these folks are doing and achieving deserves a contribution. I even feel stingy for my meagre tenner offering, knowing how much I've been playing the good 'ol stuff. (not a brown nose moment, just how I feel.)

    If I have missed the post that explains what I ask, or I've missed the obvious in the wiki, apologies. Feel free to flame me;)

  • I'm certain this has been asked a few times recently mate. I've not done this myself, so am not an expert in the slightest, but I'd suggest a quick search if the forum first to see if anyone has answered this query already or not.

  • @markyh444 I've searched, just enquiring whether I'd lose configurations in the process. Could well be I haven't searched enough, using the right tags etc, but I have tried!! I made that mistake once already, genuinely trying not to do the same again!) thanks for the speedy reply, I wish I could be of use to folks on here sometimes! One day...

  • @Fruitybit Once you've tinkered about a bit, you'll find there's something you know or you've done that will ultimately help someone else. Wish i knew more about this issue to help, but sure someone will do.

  • @markyh444 There have been one or two occasions I thought I might be able to save a hard working developer/mod a couple of minutes, but I'm way too nervous to do it!! Believe me, plenty of play and learning to do yet;))

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