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Capcom vs snk2 2001 millennium ed

  • I havnt purchased a pi yet and dont know much about computers.
    I want one to play old games like atari and snes but the main game i want is all street fighters, mainly capcom vs snk 2 and marvel vs capcom. Is this easily acheivable? Wat should i consider b4 purchasing.

  • @bt marvel vs capcom yes. For mvc 2 you need the dreamcast version. All the other street fighters/capcom fighters run great on final burn alpha. I dont know how well all of them are on mame.

  • @edmaul69
    So how does that work? Is that easy enough to set up and install so i can just flik thru the games and play easily after its set up

  • @bt it takes a little learning but nothing you cant figure out. Also a lot of people are here to help. Just make sure you give all the info about your system with all the info posted in the "read this first" that is posted at the top of every forum page.

  • @edmaul69 sorry to be a pain but, once its set up it it good to go from then on or doni have to keep fiddling with things each time i want to swap between games? Thx pal

  • @bt with retropie once you have everything set up how you like you dont have to mess with anything. On the user side it is truly the friendliest setup.

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