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My build of a Pi 3 inside a PSone case, using the official Sony screen

  • just finished my PSone build. I won't go into too much detail here, since it's all explained on Imgur. Enjoy!

  • @Katemonster nice job on the psone. I wish they made a screen for the original ps1. I did mine in the old gray model and made the composite plug work just like you did. I did mine in the grey one because it was my second true love right after the nes even though i had every system in between. (super mario world was amazing and i loved the snes just not the way i did the ps1) Plus i wanted an internal hard drive for all the ps1 games.

  • @katemonster Hey katemonster, I hope you see this. I'm doing something a lot like this. But I want to use the RGB instead. I found two diagrams that are pretty different from each other for how to get RGB from VGA to the input of the LCD. Do you have information on this?

    One diagram uses 270 resistance to intersect the combination of VGA pins 14 and 13 with the green, but only uses one VGA ground pin. The other diagram includes no resistance, uses 3 ground pins from vga. Neither worked, and I've been trying for a week. Its possible they didn't work because of my breadboard, or contact from a wire MAY have been bad when I tested. But I haven't been able to find information that anyone has verified to work. You definitely seem knowledgeable.

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