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Oldroom theme W.I.P. new 1.9 Beta + media packs

  • Gameboy finished uploading, ready to download.

  • Some changes on the scraper tool, if you downloaded the file before this post, please download it again.

  • Updated gamelist for atari 5200.

  • Uploaded gamelist for Atari 7800

  • Thank you so much for this Theme, it is exactly what I wanted to try and do with retropie

    I need to find out how to set retropie for video snaps and also use VLC? but if i can get it all set up to look like that... Wow

  • @VGMonkey You need to update from source, about VLC it doesn't mind at this moment, it's a feature that it's not implemented yet but it can allow to you to change your video renderer (VLC or OMX player) in es_settings.cfg.

  • @Nismo I have found better quality GameBoy videos, before was at 320x240, so I'm uploading updated gameboy videos and gamelist.xml. Also added more videos.

    It's highly recommended to download the new version. I'll advice when the upload it's completed.

  • Gameboy upload finished.

  • Uploading Nintendo NES... please don't download it until I say the upload is complete.

  • Updating Atari 2600... please don't download it until I say the upload is complete.

    Added more 3dbox images, marquees, and updated gamelist.xml.

  • @Nismo - awesome work! Thank you so much for your efforts. Do you have a certain order that you're working through the various systems?

  • @Jeck11 Thanks. The short answer is no. I'm focusing a bit on media packs now, I have a lot of more created, but need a bit of time for uploading.

    Also I did a lot of fixes in the theme, some system logos was too dark on basic and detailed view, fixed fba marquee size, added more systems, and i'm editing the 3dbox image when no game found more cool, but now I need to edit on all systems I made.

    My goal it's to upload mediapack when adding a new system to the theme so I want to update all mediapacks for existing systems in the theme before launching the new theme update. (Depends on my time).

  • Atari 2600 update completed. Ready for download.

  • Updated Atari 5200 gamelist some bad entries fixed.

  • Replaced all 3dboxes versions for Atari 7800 for better ones, if you downloaded before please download it again. Sorry but it's a work in progress.

    New version of the tools with the "characters after a dot" bug fixed. Please if you use the tools download it again.

  • Atari lynx, added alien vs predator, centipede, eye of the beholder and Loopz marquees.

  • Atari lynx, made missing images and marquees from scratch, system media 100% completed . If you downloaded it before, download again.

  • Updated all Atari 7800 stuff, added missing media, now 100% completed except for prototypes.

    All videos are USA versions, except for the games only made for europe, if you have europe roms, use fatmatch program provided in tools, it will rename the videos and marquees and create duplicates for you to match all romset.

  • @Nismo What's your source for the artwork and videos? Are you using emumovies as a source?
    Do you use the no-intro sets as a base for consoles and Tosec for the computer systems? For CD Only consoles Ps1, Sega CD do you use Redump or Trurip?

  • @Rion For videos i'm downloading from here:

    But for better filesize, and to no overheat rpi, I'm re-encoding the videos to max 480 width, and max 25 fps, with good compromise about quality and filesize.

    I also compress 3D boxes and marquees.

    If some video, 3d box, or marquee (wheel) doesn't exist, I create it from scratch.

    About computers, I didn't touch anything yet, I'm working with consoles right now, and using no-intro romsets.

    What you recomend for computers and CDs?

    Amiga roms I have are in WHDload format.


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