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Retro game stuff talk

  • @quicksilver yes, probably someone's spouse or mother tossed it.. (we had a big spring cleaning in the attics and basements of the block were living in.) I could have picked up enough hifi stuff and older flatscreens to start my own shop :D

  • Dikid: Reminds me of a classic (8bit/dawning of 16bit Era) "Kosinus" (by Guba and Ully) Cartoon in the german computer magazine "Happy Computer" (sadly I can't find that one in the web) -> (citing from memory) He welcomes a friend to his home -> K: "Es gibt hier viele Systemabstürze" (~A lot of system-crashes happening here); F: "schwaches Stromnetz?" (~weak powergrid?); (picture changing to view out of a window where a computer is just passing by on its way down); K: "Nein, (???(*1)) Eltern!" (~(???) Parents!) ;>

    [1]: I really am not remembering what adverb was used for the parents, but something alike to "angered" could be applicable.

  • @Ashpool Ahh, yes. Kosinus, an important part of my youth. 😊

    With a little patience, you may find the cartoon in question in the Happy Computer collection on

    edit: You can download all issues at once easily with the addon Archive Downloader for Google Chrome or Chromium. Alas, I didn't find a similar addon for Firefox, but at least Chromium is part of the official repositories of my Kubuntu Linux operating system.

  • @Clyde THANKS!

    And here it is:
    Oh how messed up my memory about that one was - at least I got the basic plot right %-)

    Edit: Ah, all those moments... will be lost... like tears in the... aeh, wait: That's it, I mixed it up with another one of my favourites -> not sure whether it was Kosinus or a friend visiting, but the "plot" was something alike to "what resolution, how real..." to the view of a real window :dough:

  • gonna check it out!

  • @Ashpool Kudos for actually looking it up!

    I also remember a cartoon like the one you described. It may've been Kosinus as well, or another similar strip.

    Apropos, remember Starkiller? 😁 (be sure to check out the Weblinks)

  • After 2 Days of no further reply... I am staying Off_Topic: Star Killer "Oh Yes: 'Das Trantor Feurerzeug mit den Flammenstufen Hoch und Höher' :UP:"... Maybe we could/should start another threat in another sub-forum about retro-comics within gaming-magazines...

    Becuase next to Starkiller (Yeah!), there also was Spacerat... and then... UserFriendly (WebComic)... well, well.... Nethack...

    Nethack.. Sigh....

  • Hey everyone! it's been a while since i've talked here, i've been busy with school and stuff. But I did manage to get some retro games! I got Super Mario All Stars in May {for my birthday}, Super Mario World (for $14 at Super Smash Con), and recently, Mother 3 (which i got at MAGfest). The Mother 3 cart has the english fan translation on it.


  • I added a Super Nintendo Jr. to my collection over the weekend. I was on the hunt for a cheap Super Nintendo to snap the tabs out of so I could play Super Famicom games without modifying my childhood Super Nintendo. A friend not only had one where the tabs were already removed, but it was a Jr., which is a console I've been after for a while anyway, so it was a perfect match. Now I can retire my "gold edition" Super Nintendo to display. I'll likely give it a good cleaning, but I'm not going to retrobrite it as it has a lot of sentimental value and I don't want to mess it up with a botched chemistry experiment.




  • @obsidianspider

    Wasn't there a 50/60hz mod for the SNES?
    I remember mine used to have a silver flip switch behind it.
    I believe that was necessary to play PAL games right? Not necessary for NTSC (US and JPN) games?

    Btw. I gotta find me one of those old Sony TVs too.
    I recently modified my Sega Saturn Action Replay cartridge so that the Saturn is region free. Would love to play on an old TV.

  • @FlyingTomahawk Whoa! The legend is back from the dead!

    I'm not sure about 50/60hz switching. I use a SD2SNES for playing PAL games. It handles the CIC and region stuff.

    The TV was a free one, and it has some screen defects, but the price was right. Still looking for a KV27FV310 or KV32FV310. The holy grail.

    A Saturn is on my list, but I also have never played one, so I really don't know where to begin.

  • @obsidianspider

    Dead? nope. alive and still kicking ;-p

    There are plenty of "free to have" TVs here but as you I am waiting for those holy grail type TVs. One guy is giving away a KV-36DRX9 TV. It has all what your retro heart desires but it weighs nearly 90kg! I would love to get the smaller brother, something like the KV-29DRX5 which is not only near half the weight but also 4:3 format. The 36 inch model is 16:9

  • the one I got is the trinitron kv-29x5e. very happy with it. big plus that it supports ntsc. also a very good looking set.

  • Yeah, around here it's a significant fee to recycle a TV, so I don't want to go around gathering up all of the free TVs I see just to have them sit around, but I do keep my eyes open for "the good one."

  • Oh, and I also had this baby for a while. Sold it when I got the Sony kv. its a LG 21" lim ed. coca cola tv. you could buy it if you collected A LOT of caps back in '01.😊
    alt text

  • That's really cool. I have to think those are collectible. Some people really love Coca-Cola stuff.

  • Perfect for playing Pepsi Invaders on...

  • Gave my Pal Snes a paint job; Pink/purple/translucent glitter & gloss coating.. (unfortunately I messed up the controller port ribbon, so now I gotta fix that. it never really ends..)
    alt text

  • @Dipkid do I see sparkles? It's so shiny!

  • @Dipkid How did you do the graphics?

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