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  • Running on a RP3 Model B, RetroPie 4.0.2.

    I have successfully played other ISOs just fine, but any of the Final Fantasy IX disks gets stuck on the loading black screen.

    RetroPie itself is not stuck, as I can exit back to menu just fine by pressing start+select, but the screen will stay black forever.

    The ISOs are fine, as they run fine on my laptop with ePSXe. I've checked the PCSX ReARMed compatibility list and it says FFIX should play perfectly, so I wonder what is going on.

    Any ideas? Is there a way to figure out what is preventing it from starting?

    Update: I figured out how to access the logs, but also not much help there. It seems to trail off without any real errors popping out. Here's what the dump looks like.

    Starting PCSX-ReARMed
    Running PCSX Version 1.9 (Jul 27 2016).
    psxMap: warning: wanted to map @80000000, got 0x74017000
    Init new dynarec
    testing if we can run recompiled code..
    test passed.
    warning: RAM is not directly mapped, performance will suffer
    Mapped (RAM/scrp/ROM/LUTs/TC):
    found BIOS file: SCPH1001.BIN
    RGB565 supported, using it
    plugin: plugins/builtin_gpu
    plugin: plugins/builtin_spu
    plugin: plugins/builtin_pad
    plugin: plugins/builtin_pad
    Plugins loaded.
    Loaded CD Image: /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/psx/ffix-cd1.cue[+cue].
    Track 01 (DATA) - Start 00:02:00, Length 69:59:12
    selected sound output driver: libretro
    CD-ROM Label: SLES02965
    CD-ROM ID: SLES02965
    CD-ROM EXE Name: SLES_029.65;1

  • @chance turn off the analogs sticks? That happens at least on ff7 if the analog sticks are on

  • Ok, I can confirm now that this seems to be a PAL issue. The NTSC (US) ISO works just fine, so I'm assuming the entry on the PCSX ReARMed compatibility list was referring to this version.

  • @chance glad you got it working.

  • @chance
    You may not be from North America but I would think the NTSC version would work better because:
    "PAL is 50 Hz, meaning 50 frames are rendered every second. NTSC is 60Hz, so 60 fps."

    Also you're using the US/NTSC version of the PSX BIOS (SCPH1001.BIN). I believe SCPH1002.BIN is the Europe/PAL PSX BIOS and SCPH1000.BIN is from Japan. If there's some game that's PAL only (or the PAL version has more content than the NTSC version) then you might try the other BIOS file? I'm not sure, I haven't tested this.

  • Pal version is working fine on PCSX ReARMed , but FF8-FF9 are copy protected , you must patch iso with appropriate ppf.

    here is the list of iso that you need patch to run.

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