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How to Manual Add Boxart?

  • I have managed to scrape 99% of my games but the CD PC Engine seem to have issues with the scrapper, i have 5 CD PC Engine games and none of them have info or artwork. I have copied a number of png boxart images to a location on the RetroPie SD card and within Emulation Station i have highlighted said game and edited the games Metadata and selected the image section and pointed it to the location i save a png file for the box art, but the boxart still does not show.

    Any ideas?

  • Try editing the gamelist.xml directly.

    Alternatively, there are some windows-based scrapers and gamelist editors that some folks have made for ES (editing raw XML can be a pain). Check the 'Ideas and Development' sub-forum for a few threads on it.

  • I've edited the gamelist.xml files for the PC Engine CD games on my Pi too. I only have a few of those games so it's not too bad.

  • Thanks, editing the xml file sorted the issue

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