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Updated EmulationStation for Windows

  • @jdrassa bug reporting here, the shutdown/restart system don't work on windows 7/8.1, dunno about windows 10 tho.

  • @Squilenator This build is based directly off of the RetroPie fork of EmulationStation. This appears to be a bit of linux specific functionality contained within. My main intent behind providing these Windows builds is to make them available for theme makers who find it easier to use while creating themes. I will add this issue to my TODO list, but I can't say that it will be a high priority. I also I am not really interested in maintaining a separate windows code base and I am not sure how receptive the RetroPie team will be to windows specific code changes.

  • @jdrassa Hi mate, I finally updated to the latest build, but I have notice that I lost the fix from @fieldofcows made months ago for an old bug of Emulationstation, that doesn't make work L and R buttons to fast navigate up and down inside the gamelist.

    I have tested it for months and works perfect.

    Can you add it to your build, and if it's not in the main retropie build do a PR?

    Here is the code:

    Edit: I did the PR, I hope I dit it in the right branch:

    Edit 2: I think that is the wrong branch... I don't know where to do the pull request.


  • @jdrassa Also I don't see the use random video as screensaver option in menu, but that's not all, if you try to set something in menu settings, when you come back emulationstation crashes. EDIT: solved by deleting my old es_settings.cfg

    It's a pity because in the old @fieldofcows fork for windows all was working perfectly.

    And it's a pity because the main intention for emulationstation was to be multiplatform but it's becoming "only for linux". :(

  • @Nismo
    I will take a look at the fast navigate bug fix and I still need to look into the system change sound.

    As far as I know, the random video as screen saver option only exists in @fieldofcows repository. Until he pushes it to the RetroPie repository, it won't be included in any of my builds. I suspect the crash you encountered was due to an unrecognized setting value (probably the video screensaver), which is why deleting the settings file corrected it.

    I don't think emulationstation is becoming "only for linux". I recognize the value of supporting windows which is why I put in the effort to setup automated builds, but I am not interested in maintaining a fork that diverges from the RetroPie repository.

  • @jdrassa I understand you perfectly, you are one of the few great persons that still support windows builds. Thank you very much for that, I appreciate it a lot.

    I was thinking that video screensaver was added months ago to the main branch, sorry for that.

    Have you added the shutdown/restart system to your "to do" list?

    Have you take a look to my PR? I think it's in the wrong branch.


  • Where can we download the new automated builds for Windows? I'm not too familiar with github and the likes...

  • @duiz The first post in this thread has a link to the most recent Windows build, but for the lazy:

    Just save the

    As an alternative you can download the Full ES Toolkit binary which includes the latest @jdrassa Windows Build, but is also pre-populated with the whole ES Toolkit, which includes 100 (fake) roms, with prescraped gamelists, images and videos. It also comes with a custom theme called BaseVid which supports Video Previews and the Carousel Mod, so you can learn how they work.

  • Thanks for this. I am running the WIndows version off As I already have it running on the machine I want to use it on, what is different that I have to do to set this one up ?

    Do I extract the files on my current machine and it will take from my current config file, or do I need to do something different ?

    I have never setup a RetroPie device only installed the Windows version of emulation station (that I love !)

  • @DavidinCT Download, extract and find out. If your config files are in the default location, It should find them. I normally use the windows build for testing and use a script to override the default config location, so I can guarantee anything.

  • @jdrassa said in Updated EmulationStation for Windows:

    Updated build now available.

    Excellent! What's the changelog for this version basically?

  • @jdrassa
    Thankyou for your hard work on the Windows builds, I currently use your build on my Win 10 machine with no known issues, so thankyou again.

    On a side note have you seen the great work @Zigurana has done with the child friendly version of emulationstation? You can now lock it down into kiosk mode, child mode or the most important missing feature for me a favorites mode!

    No windows version as of yet though :(

  • @retroisbest: @Zigurana actually does have a windows build of the Kid's Mod. I don't know if it has the Kiosk and Kid's mode, but it has the ability to add "favourite", "kids" and "hidden" values to the metadata of a game.

  • @mattrixk said in Updated EmulationStation for Windows:

    @retroisbest: @Zigurana actually does have a windows build of the Kid's Mod. I don't know if it has the Kiosk and Kid's mode, but it has the ability to add "favourite", "kids" and "hidden" values to the metadata of a game.

    Well found! Serves me right for not reading every post in that topic!
    Thankyou very much for pointing it out!

  • I don't have a Pi device myself, so RetroPie isn't much use to me itself, but I wanted to register to say thankyou to @jdrassa for providing an updated Windows build of ES.

    I'm using it with an edited version of the default theme from Recalbox that I made.
    I'm using video view so that I can use the marquee tag to show both the boxart and snaps.
    alt text

    I've only noticed one minor problem with the version build; Occasionally it will flicker 1 or so frames where I think the theme is being rendered garbled in some way, though I would have to try video capturing it get a better look at what happens.

  • Got a question here and a problem.

    So I have installed from version (Windows version)... I have it running great for the most part(was working on this for months to get it just right). I have all my games in it (8 systems setup including Wii) with images and meta data for everything including a few custom ones. I've got it configured for a wireless Xbox 360 controller for all the emulators. It works great, when in a game, I have it set to hit power and select to exit back to the main menu. All is good. BUT, of course there are bugs along the way. This is why I wanted to try this branch.

    So I downloaded the newest version, "unblocked" it in Windows, Extracted it to the root of C: and ran it the EXE. I noticed that it seemed to keep all my settings for the most part, through the systems I have setup, the games are listed with meta data and images that I have setup. Cool so far...

    Now the big problem...It didn't ask me to re-configure my controller but, it's all screwed up. The controls move around but, hitting any button does nothing (A does nothing). and if it hit a combo of something it's like select.

    Is there a way to FORCE this version ONLY to reset the controller for it, treating it as separate one or is there a way to import my controller settings from the other one (like move a file or something like that). Remember, I cant hit any keys, so I need to reset a file outside of it...

    Any idea on this one ?

  • @davidinct You should still be able to use a keyboard to enter the menu and choose the configure input option. If for some reason that doesn't work, the input config is stored at ~/.emulationstation/es_input.cfg. You should be able to back up that file to preserve it, then delete it. When you restart ES, it should detect your controller as new and let you reconfigure it.

  • Normally I don't ask for updates on something but is there a chance to get at least a build of the 2.6.0 version in the near feature? I'm struggling with some positions on a theme I'm working on and having the new origin support would really help to align things correctly faster.
    Although being able to test out the new carousel enhancements would be nice too. ;)

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