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Post here if you can't remember the name of a game!

  • @sophinazzz Operation Inner Space maybe?
    Edit : no, no earth on screen...

  • I have another one I can't find. Outside of pinball machines, it is the last of the games my local arcade had back in late 90s that I can't trace.

    It was a standup driving game (wheel + 2 pedals I think, there might have been a gear lever). The game was sprite based, and was played from 1st person (inside the car).

    The first level was driving in the city. I remember it being pretty grey, so probably driving during the night. There were grey metal (?) panels (like the ones you might see on highways in Europe) on the side of the road. When you drove fast they looked like a single wall, but when you run into them you would see each sprite/texture and gaps between them.

    The only other in game thing I remember that at one point, if you drove into the panels and kept driving into them there was a secret shortcut that would take you to something like level 4.

    I vaguely remember the arcade machine having white and blue, so it might have been a Sega game (superscaler maybe?).

  • @cybrasty Rad Mobile ?

  • @sano Yes! That's it! Thanks Sano!

  • So here goes...

    I'm looking for a space game, probably early 90s. It was a 3D dos game where you could take on different missions like space races, dog fights ( i think) but I don't remember it being a Space Quest type of game. I am pretty sure it was a spaceship cockpit (maybe view toggle options) and not much else, you really kind of felt alone out there in space, only with high quality 3D imaging. I don't remember it being super fast paced but I remember having the demo and loved it so much. If I can think of any other details I will add them.

  • @thedatacereal So it's Star Quest I. Stumbled on it by accident :/.

  • There was this math Computer game that I loved playing when I was little. That game was on a cd and it had monsters in it and it had a mini games it it that you could play and one of the mini games was a factory with pubbles and it was a skip counting by tens and you had to put the right amount of pebbles on the conveyor belt that equala the answer. I loved the game lots but I have no idea what it is called

  • @Liv4life200 can you estimate about when this game was released?

  • Oh man, here we go. This one's been nagging at me for a while. All I can remember is that it was puzzler on the PSP. It had something to do with moving multi-colored blocks around an area with a black background. This was probably 12-15 years ago.

  • @nunyabizniss lumines?

  • I actually just found it by rooting around on emuparadise. It's just called 'Cube'. No wonder I couldn't remember it.

  • I'm trying to remember the name of a space flyer that had REALLY blocky looking robots to shoot, asteroids, cats, vampire bats, flying saucers, and you had to pick up astronauts that were floating around. You could recharge shields by running into these giant glowing letter "E"s.

  • There was a Pirate game for Sega Genesis back in the day that allowed you to trade goods port to port, build ship aramdas and take over over vesells... Can anyone remeber this??

    Appreciate it!!

  • @VictimRLSH What system was it on?

  • @2L8ULUZ Pirates gold?

    As a side note, pirates! (2004) is a remake of this game and plays well on psp on raspberry pi 3 and has enhanced graphics and gameplay

  • @2L8ULUZ Pirates Gold?

  • YES!!! TY!!! Now I just hope it's on my system already when I get home... I am new to all of this and purchased a new system on Craigslist from a guy who deals in these.. He used one of those new $300 arcade game cabinets that come with 3 games... It's perfect size for my space... gave me the 1 ft stand riser too... After reading all the hardware costs on here, i think I got taken...... $600 but im loving every min of it... the SD card is packed with 132 g almost gone... I'm just glad there is still space to save games.. I suppose I could delete unwated games to make more room for saving games?? TY GUYS!!

  • I hope it works out. You CAN delete games, or you can always expand your storage by using a flash drive or USB hard drive. I'm using a Seagate 1Tb drive.

  • @nunyabizniss Arcade, cockpit cabinet.

  • Nes, blue cartridge but not a religious game. 3rd person game of some type. Did some research about blue cartridges and they were supposed to be religious titles. This game was not religious. Very vague!

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