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Announcing Pegasus Frontend

  • @hooperre If you have the latest Pegasus (like from a couple of days ago) then it isn't necessary, that's why I removed it. Have you gone into data sources and made sure Use Skraper Assets has been checked? Your metadata.txt looks fine.

  • @PlayingKarrde Solved now :) It was checked, but because I only had 1 game in there, I didn't have a collections.txt file, which is why it didn't work. Oops... Thanks for helping me figure it out!

    So that's kind of interesting that only the logo/wheel/marquee doesn't work with given Emulationstation default images. When I have both Skraper Assets AND Emulationstation checked, it results in using my mix images (located in media/images folder) instead of box art, video works, and logos work. If only Skraper Assets is checked, it works exactly how yours is presented in the video. Kinda neat. Just so you are aware :).

    Anyway, love the theme and love Pegasus. Thanks to both @PlayingKarrde and @fluffypillow for your work! You're taking my Pi from looking like a hacky machine to a big company released retro-gaming console! :)

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    Post 1000. Just cause I can.

    Keep up the good work.

  • @hooperre Oh very interesting. I wonder why that is. I guess the emulationstation data is given higher priority but somehow also the same tag. It should only be looking for boxart images there. Weird. How does it look?

  • @PlayingKarrde The whole thing all around looks amazing. Sorry I don't have a better method of getting a picture for you.0_1543292087760_Ds-0kHKWwAAqpJ2.jpg

  • @hooperre thanks. Well at least it doesn't break. Would still like to know why it's doing this so I could include the option for people to choose at some point though.

  • Over 1000 post, yay!

    @hooperre @PlayingKarrde for gamelist.xml Pegasus supports the tags that are officially available and documented in EmulationStation (including the RetroPie master branch). At the moment, these are image, marquee and video, where image is assumed to be the box front art (boxFront in themes), but in practice you can set it to anything.

    During loading, ES2 support happens to have a higher priority than Skraper, so if a game already has a box front art set (eg. by image), it won't get overwritten. As a workaround, I guess you could rename the image tags to something else while you're using Pegasus, then name them back when using ES2 (either manually or by a script). With this you can get the metadata from the gamelists, and the assets from Skraper.

  • Am I correct in assuming that if you have mix images you've already made the decision to view those in ES in place of boxart anyway? I know if won't automatically scrape for those. If that's the case it's fine, the user is already making that choice and I don't need to do anything.

    @fluffypillow I have a quick question: do we have any way of gaining access through the api to the button configs? I want to add some button help but since users are able to customise their buttons I will need to change the art based on their selection. If it's not possible yet I can add it as a feature request on github. Also, I think you mentioned this as something you're working on but just to be sure, will we be able to get models independent of the collection as a whole? For example can I get a list of most recently played games regardless of collection they belong to? Or a list of all favourites, again collection independent?

  • @PlayingKarrde

    gaining access through the api to the button configs

    Actually there's support for that already. For example, to get the keys registered as "accept", you could use api.keys.accept. It returns an array of objects, each of them having a key and a modifier field, which can be used the same way as in QML KeyEvents. I'll also add a proper toString() function to them real quick, then you could pretty print them too.

    will we be able to get models independent of the collection as a whole?

    Yes, the whole list of all games will be available separately too, and all lists will be filterable individually.

  • @fluffypillow Amazing thanks!

  • @PlayingKarrde Well turns out the returned arrays have some issues at the moment... will fix it tomorrow.

  • @fluffypillow No worries, I can wait. Thanks.

  • Took more than just a few lines, but at least the key arrays work now. toString happened to be taken already, so instead you can use name() to get a readable name of the keys.

  • @fluffypillow perfect thanks a ton. I'll probably try and implement it over the next couple of days. In a perfect world I'd love to somehow be able to get an id of the controller registered so I can show the appropriate art (xbox/ps4/keyboard) but I think that's way out of the scope of what's needed right now so everyone will have to suck it up and use xbox art haha.

    When theme settings come in I'll add the option to turn off button help too.

  • @PlayingKarrde not every controller has a proper name, but even when they do they might not be particularly useful. Can you guess what assets to show for "ChingWang 2000" or something like "Generic"? :)

  • @fluffypillow oh yes I know, I didn't plan on doing it for every one. Just xbox, PS4 and keyboard. If it isn't one of those it would just default to Xbox.

  • @PlayingKarrde Just an idea. Maybe create a GameOS Theme thread within the forums so I'm not spamming the Pegasus thread?

  • Weekly update: the next set of the planned theme changes is mostly complete, collections and games can now appear multiple times and there's also a list of all games. However custom sorting/filtering and a few important bits are still missing, so there's no actual release this time. Should't take that long now though, so a new update might come before the next weekend.

  • @fluffypillow Hey, I'm very interested in your frontend, it looks great so far. Quick question, you support game list files from emulationstation, does that mean you have no plans of adding a scraper? Would this mean users have to either manually add them (meta data and artwork) or scrape them in emulationstation first? I'm on windows and havent used emulationstation to scrape my collection.

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