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Announcing Pegasus Frontend

  • @lilbud for the vertical alignment, the carousel is aligned to the center, so perhaps the fastest would be to add a negative anchors.verticalCenterOffset to it to move upwards. To make them match up horizontally, you'll have to change the preferredHighlightBegin/End positions of the Carousel. You'll probably want it to be the center point of Zelda in this case (and maybe the end at Snipperclips?). Depending on how many aspect ratios you'd like to support, you can either just write the number in, or do some calculations based on the window dimensions.

    @wallmachine Pegasus would be able to create the collection section for you, and perhaps example game blocks. Ideally there would be a graphical tool too to edit these files in the future.

    Also what will happen if you import a game that has multiple disc versions how would it display?

    A game can have more than one file entries, and when it's started you can choose in Pegasus which one you want to start. Here's an example.

    With game naming shouldn't it read the 'game:' title instead of file name?

    Yes, if the file matches. File paths are relative to the metadata file, perhaps this comment might also solve the issue for you. You can also check the log file for any issues (should be under C:/Users/[username]/AppData/Local/pegasus-frontend/ on Windows).

  • @fluffypillow thanks changing to the following below worked as the metadata file is located D:\Pegasus\metafiles\metadata.txt

    Just to confirm a metadata file can be created for each system?

    Also with the 'directory:' I thought that searched for the gamelist but you need both the file: and directory:?

    collection: Nintendo Entertainment System
    directory: D:\Pegasus\Systems\Nintendo Entertainment System
    extension: 7z

    game: 10-Yard Fight
    file: D:\Pegasus\Systems\Nintendo Entertainment System\10-Yard Fight (USA, Europe).7z

  • @wallmachine yup, you can create as many metadata files as you like. directory entries will make Pegasus also look for rom files in those directories too, however the file paths are always relative to the metadata file (consider cases of multiple directories and games with same filenames).

  • when selecting a game that has two discs do I need to press a certain key to chose as I don't see it.


    2019-04-23T19:59:25 [w] qrc:/frontend/dialogs/MultifileSelector.qml:100: TypeError: Cannot read property 'count' of undefined
    2019-04-23T19:59:25 [w] qrc:/frontend/dialogs/MultifileSelector.qml:110: TypeError: Cannot read property 'files' of undefined

  • @wallmachine Looks like a bug! Will check it out the afternoon.

  • @fluffypillow it's the same issue for me

    another request, will you add support to other games from uplay and origin? it would be great

  • @fluffypillow

    With regards to adding native support for LEDBlinky to Pegasus it would require modifications to Pegasus. If you are interested in doing this, the developer ( of LEDBlinky is more than willing to work with you on the integration.

    Current features missing from LEDBlinky when not integrated with Pegasus are not limited to below.

    • Lighting the front-end controls
    • Lighting the game controls as you scroll through lists
    • Running various animations while the FE is active, etc

    Lighting the relevant controls for a non-MAME game requires the FE to pass the ROM/Game name to LEDBlinky. If Pegasus provides a way to run a script file when events occur, then you can run LEDBlinky commands in those scripts. This requires Pegasus to expose one or more events like FE Start, List Select, Game Start, Game Quit, FE Quit, etc.

    What do you think?

  • @wallmachine Pegaus already supports some of these events.

  • @Meldrak > will you add support to other games from uplay and origin? it would be great

    Yes adding support for them would be really nice (and also for things like Epic or Battle net), but I think I'll wait with them until we reach the beta version (there are still a bunch of things to work on!).

    @wallmachine Yes that sound exactly like something you could customize well with scripting. The only missing thing from your list is probably the on-scroll-change effect, as that depends on the selected theme and not handled by Pegasus internally.

  • Also a weekly update!

    • Added gamepad button repeating (ie. you can now hold down the gamepad buttons/axis to scroll through your games)
      • (this is for platforms other than Android, as it already worked there)
    • Added manual line breaking (\n) support to the metadata format
    • Fixed a crash on Raspberry Pi 1 and Zero
    • Main theme: Fixed selection pointing to nothing on collection change
    • Main theme: Fixed incorrect game info on filter change
    • Metadata converter site: Fixed Logiqx manufacturer entries not getting converted
    • Updated to Qt 5.12.3 (brings minor optimizations and bugfixes)

    Known issues:

    • The main theme forgets the last launched game. Will be fixed soon.

  • @jdrassa said in Announcing Pegasus Frontend:

    @wallmachine Pegaus already supports some of these events.

    @fluffypillow said in Announcing Pegasus Frontend:

    @wallmachine Yes that sound exactly like something you could customize well with scripting. The only missing thing from your list is probably the on-scroll-change effect, as that depends on the selected theme and not handled by Pegasus internally.

    I'm all ears if someone has already done this because I wouldn't have a clue where to start with the scripting.

    Just to confirm something like this won't be implemented?

  • @fluffypillow Maybe make it so it doesn't delete the binary before checking to see if there's a new version. My pi boots to the terminal prompt because it couldn't find pegasus. I'm not a normal user so I replaced the last binary available manually.

    Available releases:
    Package platform: rpi3

    Looks like the latest Pegasus release is not yet available for this platform. This happens when the build is so fresh it's being uploaded right now, or when there's a technical problem on the download server. Either way, this is a temporary problem, so please try again in 1-2 minutes. If the problem persists, consider reporting it on the forum!

  • @fluffypillow said in Announcing Pegasus Frontend:

    Added manual line breaking (\n) support to the metadata format

    This particular feature update seems to have an unintended side effect of not allowing you to use a directory that begins with the letter 'n' in your metadata file (at least on Windows where it uses backslashes as the directory separator).

    I happened to be setting up some n64 files tonight and it took a few minutes of wondering why in the world it was not finding the files until I renamed the path!

    So this does NOT work with the latest build:

    directory: ..\..\..\roms\n64

    However this format will work as the letter n is no longer the first character so it doesn't interpret it as a newline:

    directory: ..\..\..\roms\testn64

  • Yeah I should stop doing releases late at night...

    @Darksavior ok, should be fixed now. I think removing the binary is how the ReroPie setup script operates, I wonder if that could be customized? Will also see if I can improve the release uploading, sometimes things seem to get lost on the way...

    @msheehan79 ah yes that wasn't intended. I've reduced the \n replacing to the description and summary fields now, which were the original targets. Will also make some way to write \n there too later.

    @wallmachine not inside Pegasus, yes. I'd prefer not to add Windows-, device- and emulator-specific code if it can be avoided, but this seems to be something one could control well from scripts. Maybe you could contact the developer, perhaps they already have a set of scripts or commands you could call with Pegasus.

    EDIT: I've just found some documentation on their page, this could help with writing scripts.

  • Anybody else running front end with ROMs on external storage on shield TV? I'm wondering if it's normal for the front end to take quite a while to initially load ROMs from external hard drive when I was running from the internal storage I had about 3,000 games that loaded fairly quickly now on external I have about 5,000 tried with both the HDD and SSD And it takes a couple minutes to say how many games found then another minute to go into the frontend but when I exit a emulator after playing a game it goes right back the front end and loads up fairly quickly I don't know if it's a bug or its just because the amount of games/assets?

  • @jerzeeloon there have been reports of slow USB access, but it seems to be depending on the device. Do you see anything out of order in the log file (<storage>/pegasus-frontend/lastrun.log)?

  • Weekly update! The week was more spent with experimenting and trying out a few things, so only some smaller changes this time:

    • Added support for disabling the mouse cursor if needed
    • Fixed the file selector not appearing for multifile games
    • Fixed the main theme not remembering the last launched game

    Also there'll be likely no updates next weekend (I'll be away for a few days).

  • @fluffypillow is there a way to configure/map controls inside pegasus-frontend and tell retroarch to use that configuration from pegasus-frontend?

  • @spartan not yet :(

  • Hello,
    I test Pegasus-fe since some times, and it's very promising. Unfortunately, it's difficult to find new themes.
    I 've find only an additional one (very nice, so it's the one I used)...

    I've just a question, and don't find it in the docs. Is there a way to change the video playback volume ? or simply disable the video snapshot sound ?

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