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Announcing Pegasus Frontend

  • @fluffypillow I'm on Ubuntu 19.04. Can I compile it myself from git?

  • @TimBroddin Sure, you can follow this guide for building.

  • Hi @fluffypillow and everyone, Pegasus is looking good!
    I'm currently working on Pegasus frontend support in Skyscraper. It's still unreleased but working well so far:

    It's on the Skyscraper master branch already, so feel free to test it out if you'd like. It is using the native Pegasus game list format exported to the metadata.pegasus.txt file for each system.
    To get a good look for the artwork, I've used the following artwork.xml configuration for Skyscraper:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <output type="screenshot" width="640"/>
      <output type="cover" width="640" height="480">
        <layer resource="cover" height="480" align="center" valign="middle">
          <gamebox side="wheel" rotate="90"/>
      <output type="wheel" height="200"/>

    All that's needed to generate game lists for Pegasus if you already have your games cached in Skyscraper, will be to simply copy the above xml into your ~/.skyscraper/artwork.xml file and run Skyscraper -p <PLATFORM> -f pegasus and it'll work through all roms for that platform and generate a game list compatible with Pegasus. Please also remember to disable the EmulationStation linking and add the different metadata.pegasus.txt files to Pegasus afterwards (they are located in the roms/<PLATFORM> folders after generation is complete).

    Just wanted to let you know that this is coming. If you have feedback specific to testing of this, please provide it in the Skyscraper thread.

  • @muldjord Wonderful, will try it! Also feel free to mention if you run into any issues regarding the metadata files or Pegasus :)

  • @fluffypillow It's been a breeze so far. It's well-documented. :)

  • Also the long night has ended, and I'm now bachk with a weekly update:

    • Last week's release is now marked as Alpha 12 (just in case something goes wrong)
    • Added support for reloading the game list without restarting Pegasus (a popup will ask you when the relevant settings are changed)
    • Added initial support for data source options:
      • There is no UI for it yet in the menu, but you can set options in the settings.txt file by adding them to the file manually

      • It is now possible to set the location of LaunchBox using providers.launchbox.installdir (eg. providers.launchbox.installdir: C:/path/to/LaunchBox)

      • It is now possible to change the directory of GOG games on Linux or even adding more than one. You can use providers.gog.directories, which is a list of directories, eg:

          /home/username/GOG Games
          /media/123456/My Gog Games
          /some/path/A Game's Directory
    • LaunchBox: fixed absolute paths to emulators
    • Minor optimizations

    Also experimented with updating Qt, but in the end it didn't turn out well so this was reverted. I've also fixed the issue that releases for some platforms got delayed by a few minutes when a new version got released.

    PS. As for next week, I plan to work on improving the gamepad support.

  • @msheehan79 sorry for the late reply! I was thinking about the multiple launch commands, but actually it's a bit more complicated. When the games are sorted by collections, launching by the collection's command would feel logical. The problem occurs when they are on their own: for example a theme could sort all existing games by eg. play time, without any regard to collections. There's no clear way to decide the launch command to use in such case. Maybe a command choosing dialog could be added, like when selecting multiple files, but that also has its own problems...

  • @fluffypillow I was hoping you could help me out. I have been using your es2 simple theme as a template to work on my own theme. One area where I feel completely lost with is the carousel. I would like to make a carousel of boxFronts that have no spacing and scroll horizontally. I tried using the code from the CollectionsView.qml and the Carousel.qml but due to the box art being different dimensions I get different spacing. I feel like I need to code the Path in the Carousel.qml differently but not sure how. I can make NES boxFronts with no space yet GBA spaces differently s does SNES. Any suggestions? I appreciate the help.

  • @scmandias yeah the es2 theme has several moving parts, it might not be the easiest for learning. Hope I can write write more guides soon.

    To put it simply, a PathView is a line with a fixed length on which a specified number of items is spread over evenly. If you want them to have varying distances, or the number of items varies often, this might not what you want. A bit outdated, but this guide has some animations showing how it works.

    If the carousel style of looping is not strictly required (ie. when the last element is reached, it will scroll back to the first item), then an alternative could be a ListView. This simply puts the items right next to each other, optionally with a specified spacing. You can then play with the preferred highlight settings to position the selection.

  • Weekly update! This week there have been several LaunchBox related fixes (thanks @ecleese for testing), and a few smaller updates:

    • LaunchBox updates:
      • Fixed handling of absolute paths when looking for games and emulators
      • Fixed command line argument handling of emulators
      • Fixed working directory handling when launching games
      • Fixed missing assets for games with special haracters in their title
      • Added video and music detection support
      • Improved asset searching performance
    • Fixed APT repository releases being outdated
    • Started working on gamepad handling improvements (expect this to take a while)

  • How does launchbox support handle multi disc games? I had a quick try of the launchbox addition but was getting a lot of missing assets (probably related to one of your fixes above) but also my multi-disc games weren't being found as multi.

    Launchbox support addition is no question great though. I'll probably stick with native support for now since I've put a lot of time into those collections, but I'm definitely keeping my eye on it since keeping an updated and curated collection with the current method is a bit tiring (I've been thinking about maybe building a standalone file handler but so limited time..).

  • @PlayingKarrde ah wasn't aware there's multi disc support in LaunchBox, if you can provide example files (or the whole Data directory of LB), I'd be happy to look into it. Feel free to open issues on GitHub, also for any problems you might notice.

    I've been thinking about maybe building a standalone file handler

    If everything ends up working correctly, I think support could be added to the metadata converter site too, eventually.

  • @fluffypillow amazing work!!. I'll invite you a coffe
    I'll try to add Steam games to my library, I have installed steam, but I haven't got any thumbnail and image:

    2019-08-14T11:55:51 [i] Steam: found data directory: `d:/steam/`
    2019-08-14T11:55:51 [i] Steam: finished game searching in 4ms
    2019-08-14T11:55:51 [i] Game list post-processing took 0ms
    2019-08-14T11:55:51 [i] Metafiles: finished asset searching in 4ms
    2019-08-14T11:55:51 [i] Games found in 1550ms
    2019-08-14T11:55:51 [w] Steam: no internet connection - most game data may be missing

    I'm connected to internet, (I try in two differents computer) Steam client is on, is it possible to put the media tumbnail and data manually?
    Windows 10 x64 last alpha version of pegasus.

    Thanks a lot!

  • Skyscraper 3.2.3 now released with Pegasus support builtin. Read the details here:

    Have fun! :) And let me know if you have comments.

  • Thanks @muldjord great work, I'll try it!

  • @ConsolaViejuna are you on WiFi? There's a Windows-only bug where sometimes Pegasus thinks there's no internet connection in such cases. Will see if I can fix it. Alternatively, if you're using some firewall software, check if internet access is allowed for Pegasus there too.

    @muldjord Nice work, will try it out!

  • @fluffypillow thank you so much for your fast response. I'll try in anoter pc with rj-45 cable, an it's works!! I'll try to install into my Intel Atom Stick (Only Wifi), maybe check my firewall settings or transport the Json file:

    {"433950":{"success":true,"data":{"type":"game","name":"Bit Blaster XL","steam_appid":433950,"required_age":0,"is_free":false,"controller_support":"full","dlc":[548700],"detailed_description":"<img src=\"https:\/\/\/steam\/apps\/433950\/extras\/SteamGIFHeadersV2_devnote.jpg?t=1561414423\" >......

    Another question. ¿Are there a theme that support filter favourites game using gamepad?
    Best regards.

  • @ConsolaViejuna Well it used to work with the default theme, but then got disabled after a larger set of changes in the theme interface. I should update it eventually. Meanwhile if I remember correctly the gameOS theme also has favorites filtering.

  • excuse me sir i want to ask something about the psx configuration

    ePSXe com.epsxe.ePSXe/

    is it dropbox app activity after slash (/) not epsxe one ?
    if it's dropbox app please i want to know the correct command for epsxe . what i have been trying is

    collection: PSX
    extension: zip
    launch: am start --user 0
    -a android.intent.action.VIEW
    -n com.epsxe.ePSXe/
    -d "file://{file.path}"

    changing file extension but still it doesn't work

  • @clamcho ah that might be incorrect, yes. Checking again, unfortunately it seems ePSXe doesn't support launching with external files (android.intent.action.VIEW). Just in case, could you try com.epsxe.ePSXe/.ePSXe or com.epsxe.ePSXe/.ePSXeTvLauncher?

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