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Announcing Pegasus Frontend

  • @fluffypillow said in Announcing Pegasus Frontend:

    @PlayingKarrde nice, can't wait to see it finished :)

    Meanwhile I've just finished building an experimental Windows version that uses a different multimedia "engine", but in turn runs on Win10 only. Could you test how this affects the performance issues (or whether it even works correctly)? It's here, if you get DLL errors, you might need to install this too.

    Exciting! However I tried it out and performance actually seems a bit worse? I wasn't able to test with my theme as it throws up an error

    TypeError: Cannot call method 'isDetails' of undefined

  • If I wanted to make a theme settings page (ie change grid style, turn off videos etc) is there anyway I can save those settings?

  • @PlayingKarrde

    performance actually seems a bit worse?

    That is certainly possible :)

    it throws up an error

    That is weird though, as it's not media related at all.

    is there anyway I can save those settings?

    Not yet, unfortunately, that's still a major missing thing. The plan is to add a way to define theme-specific settings in eg. the theme config file, then they would appear in the main menu in a common place, eg. Theme Settings. I don't want to require theme makers to reimplement a full settings menu every time.

  • I think there might be an issue with the date conversion in your tool. It doesn't seem to be translating it over. For example:

      <game id="12741" source="">
        <path>./Lunar - The Silver Star (Sega CD) (U).bin</path>
        <name>Lunar: The Silver Star</name>
        <desc>Welcome to the world of Lunar, where dragons yet live and magic is valued above all else. Join Alex, the young adventurer as he begins a quest with his friends to save their land from the crushing advances of the Magic Emperor. Explore dungeons, fight terrifying monsters, and gather information from the locals as you advance toward the explosive confrontation with the Magic Emperor himself! Exciting, menu-driven combat will keep you challenged until the last. And thanks to the storage power of the CD, Lunar contains awesome animation sequences that'll get you involved in the story -- fast! Get ready for the ride of your life...</desc>
        <developer>Working Designs</developer>
        <publisher>Game Arts</publisher>
        <genre>Role playing games</genre>
        <image>./media/screenshot/Lunar - The Silver Star (Sega CD) (U).png</image>
        <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Lunar - The Silver Star (Sega CD) (U).png</thumbnail>
        <video>./media/videos/Lunar - The Silver Star (Sega CD) (U).mp4</video>

  • @PlayingKarrde there was a typo in the code, but it's fixed now. Thanks!

  • @fluffypillow cool thanks!

  • Is there a way to specify a relative directory for collections commands rather than absolute? I'm trying to make my build as portable as possible so having

    command: G:\Dropbox\Emulation\PegasusLauncher\systems\redream\redream.exe "{file.path}"

    Is definitely less desirable than

    command: systems\redream\redream.exe "{file.path}"

  • @PlayingKarrde I'm surprised I haven't added support for that yet, will be fixed. If it's urgent (and don't mind writing scripts), you can also add the directories of the Exes to the PATH env var, and then Pegasus should find the programs (eg. you can use command: redream "{file.path}").

  • @fluffypillow said in Announcing Pegasus Frontend:

    @PlayingKarrde I'm surprised I haven't added support for that yet, will be fixed. If it's urgent (and don't mind writing scripts), you can also add the directories of the Exes to the PATH env var, and then Pegasus should find the programs (eg. you can use command: redream "{file.path}").

    Ah yeah. It's ok, it's not super urgent right now.

  • BTW should the frontend be using as much GPU resources as it appears to? It seems to use between 90 to 100% usage right now.

  • @PlayingKarrde it shouldn't, in theory (it can run on Raspberries or phones after all)., though it is possible that there may be platform-specific issues. For me on Linux + Intel GPU the default theme takes around 15-22% load (depending on video playback). The number of active graphical elements of a theme greatly affects the GPU load, though your theme from last time didn't cause a huge load for me either.

  • Weekly update!

    • Android updates
      • App icons are now loaded properly
      • Added metadata support: descriptions, screenshots, etc. will be downloaded for apps available on Google Play
      • Fixed Android support not appearing in the data source settings menu
      • Fixed missing Android logo in the main theme
    • Language updates
      • Updated all translations to work with the current version
      • Updated Hungarian translation
      • Added German and Russian translations (by Purq, thanks!)

    I've also marked this release as Alpha 10. With that done, the main task planned for the next weeks is to make some breaking changes to the metadata formats and the theme interface, and trying to get through all those old bugs, like the main theme scaling problems.

  • Just coming back to the performance thing again, I just managed to test my theme (and obviously your default one) and both run smooth as silk on MacOS. It's most definitely a windows issue (I will test on Windows 7 shortly and on a Shield later tonight). Judging by your comment on the usage on a Pi being only about 20% I'd assume it works fine there too though.

    Also, definitely only video related as themes with no video (or disabling video in my own) allows it to run at full speed. Having now seen it running at a smooth speed it makes the Windows version even harder to use now haha.

    I'm almost ready to release my first version of the theme. I wouldn't consider it finished. I still need to do a proper details view as well as implement search and filters but since I see you are making some changes to filters - which sound really exciting - I'm going to hold off on that until I can implement those features. I'll add it to GitHub probably tomorrow or later today depending how busy I get.

  • Sooo, since I've spent some time to install RetroArch on my Tablet, I also decided to try Pegasus again. Info: I've only set up PC Engine and GameBoy collections so far.

    • I wasn't able to figure out how the global collection works. I thought I could just merge all individual collection.txt files. But then no collection showed up.
    • I installed all the themes I could find on your github, but none of them worked as expected. None of them showed the correct gamelists. Eg. the ES2 simple theme showed the PC Engine games although I was in the GameBoy selection. The Flixthingy showed the correct images, but I still could only access the PC Engine games.
    • I don't know if that's an issue on my end, but the navigation with my XBox One Controller (using bluetooth) was almost impossible. Every press on the DPad was registered twice, so it skipped one entry.

  • I installed pegasus on my WikiPad thats running jellybean 4.2.2 and pegasus finds my games and images but when i try to launch the games nothing happens.

    This is in the run log:
    [i] Executing command: `am start --user 0 -n com.retroarch/.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture -e ROM "/storage/emulated/0/ROMS/PS1/Crash Bandicoot.cue"

    [w] Could not run the command am; either the invoked program is missing, or you don't have the permission to run it.

  • @EctoOne

    • Global collections are still kind of experimental, which is why it's not well documented. It should still work as you've tried, with all individual collections merged. The only difference is that every Collection entry in the global file should have a directory field that tells where should Pegasus search for its games.
    • That's interesting, could you show your collection files? The Flixnet theme was not updated for some time now, so it may not work correctly at the moment. The ES theme is a recent one though and should work fine in theory.
    • Yes, happened to others as well, likely a bug in some lower-level code. Will try to fix it soon.

    @SephirothX2004 That's really interesting, perhaps app launching is not permitted this way on the WikiPad, for some reason? Jellybean shouldn't be an issue, but I'll double check that too. Could you post the collections file, just in case?

  • collection: psx
    extensions: cue
    launch: am start --user 0
    -n com.retroarch/.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture
    -e ROM "{file.path}"
    -e LIBRETRO /data/data/com.retroarch/cores/
    -e CONFIGFILE /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.retroarch/files/retroarch.cfg
    -e IME
    -e DATADIR /data/data/com.retroarch
    -e APK /data/app/com.retroarch-1/base.apk
    -e SDCARD /storage/emulated/0
    -e DOWNLOADS /storage/emulated/0/Download
    -e SCREENSHOTS /storage/emulated/0/Pictures
    -e EXTERNAL /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.retroarch/files

  • @fluffypillow my collections looks the same as the one from @SephirothX2004 but with other cores of course. Directly copied from your site and confirmed that the paths are the same for me.

  • Following up on my last post, performance on my Shield TV is great. Wasn't able to run games but I suspect that's just down to not knowing where the retroarch apk is stored on the shield yet.

  • I just read through everything in around 2h and I'm so excited to try this tomorrow!

    I would love to see a theme in the style of the switch nes theme and these texts from the Sonic Mania trailer.

    So it would be a clean look with some nice bouncy/sliding animations and maybe jumping letters for the loading screen in the bottom right corner when booting up. and the same-ish color scheme like in the trailer (around 0:55):

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