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Problems with Zero Delay USB encoder

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    @clyde said in Problems with Zero Delay USB encoder:

    @grant2258 said in Problems with Zero Delay USB encoder:

    you can rotate the joystick itself just remove the screws on the plate and change it to the way it should be

    aka the Mountain-Mohamet-Solution. ;)

    Alas, that isn't always possible, depending on the space under the control panel.

    yes it is you remove the screws from the top plate and twist it round screw it back in the new position. I didnt say twist the mounting plated i sad move the joystick the internals the way they should be thats why the screws are there. If you pug this into a windows mach to use as a controller the controls will be wrong for everything else why would you keep the initial orientation wrong. If you need pictures of what i mean let me know

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    just remove these four screws twist the bottom plastic to the right direction screw back in jobs done and the panel can be used on any system and it will be oriented properly. the other way is Mountain-Mohamet-Solution ;)

  • @grant2258 Thanks for the picture. Without it, I actually didn't understand what you meant. Your method should work with most joysticks that have the same length and width underneath the plate. Asymmetrical ones could still make problems in very cramped casings. The direction of the flat cable connector can also be important.

    Which method corresponds to Mountain-Mohamed depends on what is more convenient for the person doing it and how the joystick in question is constructed. With my Mag-Stik Plus from Ultimarc for example, it's very difficult to remove it from the control panel once it's installed, because its bat top can't be removed from the shaft. Thus, the whole shaft including the 4-to-8-way switching mechanism has to be removed to get to the screws you mentioned (see „Mag-Stik Dismantling“ on Ultimarc's webpage).

    So for my setup, it's way easier to just change the wiring. :)

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    Well on a zero delay there is a 90% chance it will be a sanwa or clone in use. The improtant thing we can all agree on is get the original orientation right. Ive seen users on here having problems with joysticks of the same brand being orientated differently and wondering why there controls arent working right.

  • @grant2258 Well, I used those decoders first with Zippyy sticks and now with those from Ultimarc. Both brands don't connect with the flat cable but with four separate wires, as does at least one Sanwa, the JLW-UM-8. So, although I don't share your 90% estimate, I agree that turning the joystick should be the easier option for single flat cable joysticks.

    I'm surprised though that joysticks of the same brand come with different orientation ex-factory, as they'll have to if they have to be manually aligned by some people like you said – if I understand you correctly. Or do you mean 180°? (That wouldn't require dismounting of the mounting plate.)

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    Well it depends if you got an original and a clone they might not match up not all people get there joysticks from the same source if its a simple 180 then sure twist the plate 180. I personally dont do it with them screws i remove the restrictor plate and twist the pcb. Not everyone finds it easy working with the 4 tabs to remove the restrictor though so i just showed them another way to do it. I guess that comment about sanwa relates more to my personal preferences in joysticks. I never was a fan of the bat tops that comment wasnt a fact not sure of the percentages are.

  • @grant2258 Thanks for sharing your experiences. I didn't take the percentage as a factual statement, so I understood you quite right. :) I like bat tops more, so it's good that we have free choice in that matter. I agree that not every solution is for everyone, so I welcome alternatives from others as I like to give them myself. Cheers.

  • @douga Maybe you can help me. Dragonrise USB controller (zero delay from aliexpress) UpLeft , DownRight problem is that these are not working at all. others are perfect

  • @zhajdu Hi, did you come up with a solution for this. I am having the same problem.

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    try twisting your flat cable round thats usually the culprit

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