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How to enable Reset function in ControlBlock 2.1?

  • What could be different with your installation? Here is a list of thoughts:

    Unstable wiring: Check the connections
    More than one instance of the ControlBlockdriver is running: You can see this with the top command
    Old version of the ControlBlock driver: You can always get the latest version of the driver via git with the command git pull from within the ControlBlockService2 folder

    As you have suggested, I will recheck all my connections to the ControlBlock. As I am new to all this, could you please give me the full syntax to the 'top' and to the 'git pull' commands ? Much appreciated.

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    Show all Running Processing

    To see all running processes you can use the top command by executing top from the command line. You get something like this then:

    0_1497260797387_Ohne Titel.jpeg

    You can exit that screen by pressing q.

    The above screenshot shows one running instance of the ControlBlock driver. Each instance of would have a row on its own.

    Update a Git Repository to most Recent Version

    Change to the folder to update - in our case via cd ControlBlockService2. From within that folder execute git pull. If that executes without an error message you just got the most recent version of the sources.

  • Thanks. I used the 'top' command and I see only one instance of 'controlblock', but it comes and goes out of the process screen. It is not always shown. Is that normal?
    There are a lot of instances of the 'bioset' process though and I do not really know what that is.

  • @petrockblog After issuing the 'git pull', and executes without error, do I have to recompile?

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    @ortsac Can you post the output of the git pull command here?

    If the sources got updated (when it were not already the newest ones) you need to recompile the driver. You can use the command sudo ./ for that.

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    @ortsac It is normal that the controlblock process comes and goes within that list. The bioset processes are nothing to worry about.

  • Always hate to bring back an old thread to life, but I didn't see a final solution, and I am was having a similar situation.

    • Using original NES case, front panel LED and buttons
    • ControlBlock 2.1
    • Power & LED working correctly connected to ControlBlock
    • RetroPie, emulators, and original NES controllers working OK

    The reset button was the only part not working.

    Searching around the web, found multiple people who dropped a RasPi into a NES case before the ControlBlock, so using just the original GPIO pins. All of them had some comments about the LED being wired in a funny way form Nintendo and having to cut part of the board to make a one of the LED wires connect to the metal bracket as a ground.

    Got me thinking, so I swapped the +/- wires on the LED pins of the ControlBlock. Now the rest button worked, but not the LED.

    My solution was to "cross" the wires on the LED bulb itself. Instead of going straight from the LED bulb into the board, I made the 2 LED wires (on the bulb itself), going into the opposite connection spot than where they originally were on the board. 0_1508183646069_IMG_0155.jpg

    Now both LED and Reset button are working as I would expect.

  • @ortsac hate to hijack this, do you have pictures of your completed project? You may have built exactly what I need to build myself for the misses. I am looking to also emplace a Pi3 into an authentic NES console, for use just for NES and SNES emulation. I would like to bounce some ideas of you if possible as well as get some feedback/guidance of any issues you may have ran across.

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