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ControlBlockService / ControlBlockService2

  • Hi,
    I just wanted to share with you my frustrating experience of trying to make my ControlBlock hardware running with the ControlBlockService software.
    Because of the different hardware approaches (I2C/SPI communication) there are two different software packages corresponding to the hardware versions of the ControlBlock (v1/v2):

    My problem seems to be obvious. I have the new hardware, but I tried the "old" software.
    It didn't work of course, but also didn't provide any error messages, like "ControlHardware V1 not detected", which would help in my case.

    Unfortunately there is no information about the supported hardware in github:
    It would help if there would be the link to ControlBlockService2 software with information about supported hardware.

    The way I discovered my mystake is, I watched carefully the video again and although the quality was not perfect, you could see the small number '2' behind "ControlBlockService"...


    Anyway I would like to say that the hardware and software work great now and I really appreciate the development effort!

  • Global Moderator

    Thank you for your feedback! I understand your frustration. Until now, the description site of the ControlBlock points out that there are two different repositories to use. Your idea to also add that information to the repository READMEs is great and I have added that information there now as well.

  • You are right. The step-by-step guide clearly mentioned two repositories...
    But now with the hints in README files, it is even easier to spot the mistake.

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