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ControlBlock on Pi won't power with 5v pin

  • Started working on my PiTendo about a year ago and just picked it back up today. Got the driver installed to the Pi and it boots perfectly with the microUSB [using the NES power buttons], but I want to use the power from the original NES power adapter. I spliced the connector to the canakit 5v power adapter, and the NES is wired from the barrel plug to the 5v + and - on the ControlBlock. I checked it with my meter to make sure it's getting power, but the Pi doesn't power on. I've been looking but I haven't found anything that says you have to activate the 5v pin holes, so i'm not sure if i'm missing something.

    After this, all I have to work on is the controllers. I wired an NES controller plug to an SNES controller, so all that's left is the wiring inside the NES to the ControlBlock.

    Edit: Soooo.. the original power barrel jack might be the problem. It looks rusty and it's not passing voltage. Figures. Guess I need to find a replacement. Anyone got a part number?

  • @dj-anakin I believe the problem is in the original NES power adapter. If I am not mistaken the NES power adapter is AC only and does not output 5V DC. The original NES console converts the AC to 5V DC. Could you post a pictures of the adapter and what you are trying to do?

  • @ortsac

    Not actually using the original power brick. I'm using a canakit one that i got with the Pi. I did some more testing tonight, and i think it's the female side of the connector... I've got a new one on order now. Even if that's not what the problem is, it was rusty and needed replacing anyway.

    Setup is pretty straight-forward.

  • Connected the leads straight from the 5v pins directly to the male side of the power and everything worked fine, so it is the nintendo side of the barrel jack.. i've got a new one on order so... This is resolved!

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