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Space Oddity theme

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    @ilifadeili The repository for the theme is not available anymore, but the Retrorama version should be installable. What's the error you're getting ? Make sure you have the latest version of the RetroPie-setup script before trying to install Retrorama.

  • Same situation as with Retrorama, here is @lipebello 's most recent post on youtube:

    Wanna say sorry to all that tried to download it, but after some personal attacks, i've decided to delete my github account and leave the scene. I appreciate all the kind words and comments, but it's very hard to even want to do something when a lot of people keeps attacking you when you everytime you ask a seller to stop erasing my name from my drawings.
    Right now, i don't feel like making anything, because i will always end up like the bad hater who are jealous of the success of people who contributes so much with the community by providing them SD cards with everything configured. It's kind of a buzzkill...
    Best wishes to all of you, you you guys need any help with retropie or retroarch, feel free to contact me.

    Posted in the comments of the Retrorama comic theme v1.9 youtube video:

  • @chizzer The link is not working

  • [deleted]

  • @chizzer No worries! ;)
    Btw, would you be willing (if you haven't already) create GitHub repositories for both SpaceOddity43 and SpaceOddity240p?
    Or maybe should we ask first @lipebello ?

  • I'm quite interested in seeing if this works on Emulation Station (Windows). The link to github is not working. Does anyone know where to download the theme?

  • @hiulit I don't think I can add anymore to it to be honest. Not without the consent of @lipebello anyway.

  • The licenses of both Space Oddity and Retrorama allow redistribution, so there shouldn't be a problem if somebody else hosted the files online and shared them for download.

    I certainly would appreciate it, as I don't have either one of those themes and they look great!

  • @isrnick
    While that's true they were taken down for a reason (personal attacks, not crediting, etc.).
    It's only polite @lipebello should be asked for consent and if he doesn't agree to them being rehosted his wishes should be respected.

  • @ruckage said in Space Oddity theme:

    While that's true they were taken down for a reason (personal attacks, not crediting, etc.).

    What happened? If you don't mind me asking.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello. sorry about the delay in respond to this, but i kinda absent from talking about last week and why i deleted my account on github and my repositories.
    I have a huge collections of emails, facebook chats and even whatsapp (because i once joined an arcade builder's group) of people asking me if they could sell retropie images with my themes on it, and once i refuse, they started to talk about how the things on the internet spread and that it was better selling to them and this kind of stuff.
    Last week, a moderator from a FB page called Raspberry pi BR released a recalbox image with my theme, but all my name was erased from the images, and he called his image "the retrorama edition".
    I kindly asked him to remove my theme from his image and pointed that if he wants to share my work, he should do this without erasing my names, like it was discribed on the readme.
    He erased my comment and started threatening me on private chat, so i've made an evaluation on the page saying what the moderator made and gave it one star.
    Then i started to receive some more hate messages because the page owner made a post saying that i was creating fakes to negativate their page (that never happened). But in the end i'm always the bad guy, so i decided to not create anything else.
    @chizzer , if you want it, you can host the versions you made for this theme.

  • @lipebello
    I completely understand where you're coming from, It's sadly a problem for all aspects of retropie: the package as a whole, the emulators, the themes etc.. You made some great themes and these selfish idiots have ruined it for you and for those who benefit from your work. Sadly I don't think there is a good way to stop people from abusing others work in this way and in the end I can see more and more contributors leaving because of these selfish entitled lowlifes.

    I hope in time you'll perhaps reconsider and give theme creation another try as you obviously enjoyed creating the themes and many people appreciated your work, and if not at least say hi in the forums once in a while. I wish you all the best.

  • @lipebello Thank you for your explanation, and even more for your permission to host the theme by @chizzer.

    Like @ruckage, I understand your frustration and anger. Thus, I can only give you the advice to ignore the bad people in this world. They're not the ones you made your theme openly available for in the first place, I presume. Maybe you'll find the repose to continue your work sometime in the future for the people who appreciate your work and give you the credit you deserve, like those in this thread.

    You're not alone in this dilemma, as the regular reports about illegally sold Retropie copies in this forum demostrate. I'm very glad that this did not discourage the developers from continuing it … yet.

    Best regards from someone who may have used your theme (edit: Retrorama) for his arcade cabinet if it would've been available in 4:3. ;)

  • Retrorama was the very first theme I saw on the RetroPie page that made me say, "Oh, I NEED to have this!"

    It's a shame that a few shitty people had to ruin your project, but I can't fault you for your decision. Still, I want you to know that I really appreciate your work here, and I'm sorry that you had to go through a lot of ache over it.

    Good luck in your future endeavors.

  • @lipebello That would be great dude, many thanks.

  • @lipebello . hi i'm Arabian so sorry for my bad English language but i want you to know that you are an artist and it doesn't matter what happens but you will still the one who create that amazing theme ; do you know what the most amazing thing in you theme it's made from heart >> make me all great days of my childhood and make me fell happy
    so i just want to tell that >> i'm a really thankful for your great a creation and i want you to think why you i first place create it ..

    @chizzer , please pro can you upload the retrorame theme on a cloud and give me a link to download it .. i will be really thankful

  • understand this post is quite old, but I was hoping someone could post the 4:3 version has @chizzer created....

  • I'm also interested in this.

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