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  • Lookie what I made. My first ever RetroPie script! Granted, it's not usable for everybody. I use the hascheevos tool in a method most likely different from everybody else. I generate 1 list of all games together (that way I can use the random function to pick a game).

    This script I wrote backs up the current list in case something goes wrong. It then updates the tool, then scans the basic console roms. Now with the arcade addition being different, it renames the created list, then scans the arcade roms, then combines the arcade list to the console list. All done. It then prompts if you want to reboot or not (since you need to reload EmulationStation to see the updated cheevo list).

    Feel free to use it, hack it up, improve it, whatever. I just wanted to share what I accomplished all on my own, with ample Google searching. :)

    To use: Place in your /home/pi/ path. Execute chmod +x from the terminal. Then as needed, exit EmulationStation via F4 and run ./

  • well should've known achievement capable game collections/playlists was an active concern among achievement hunters, google-fu failed to pick this up couple days ago when I was interested so instead hacked this together over lunch
    Requires py3+lxml (pip3 install lxml)

    Given a retroarch .lpl playlist file it fetches achievement supporting games from and produces a new playlist of that subset by string matching game names.
    The result is obviously just a rough approximation as the names differ in punctuation etc, but it was good enough for me for the moment, so maybe somebody else finds some use for it as well.

  • @stt cool.
    Now that I have access "to the other side" (I mean, not just a RetroAchievements consumer), I plan to make some improvements on the API so we can get more valuable info from those http requests. :)

  • Hey @meleu
    Not sure if you've got a moment to answer a quick question, but here goes:

    Does the hascheevos tool only search for roms in specific folder paths?

    I'm in the process of moving out all my hacked roms to their own dedicated folders. Using @TMNTturtlguy's awesome ComicBook theme. He's designed it so you could create a folder like ~/roms/nesh and that would correspond to NES Hacks. The way I had my system set up before, I had my hacks inside the same folder with my non-hacked roms. This worked out just fine with the hascheevos tool, but it wasn't very well organized. I liked the idea of the separate folder idea. I just wasn't sure if the tool can accommodate it or not. If it's not able to currently, is there any way to add this capability? I thought about maybe modifying the script but I'm not sure where to begin. I know I'll need at least gbah, gbh, genh, nesh and snesh. There are other systems that have hacks too, such as PCE, FDS, GBC, N64, SEGA32X, SEGA GAMEGEAR and SEGA MASTER SYSTEM, but the ComicBook theme doesn't support those (yet). I'm sure RetroAchievements will be developing cheevos on these games in time. In fact, I didn't even know about hacks until I saw cheevos for them.

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    @hansolo77 Since the program looks at the ROM itself, regardless of where it's stored, I don't think there is a problem if you have a separate folder for hacks.

  • I think my concern stems from the program being able to find the roms in the first place. Like, does it look for roms in specific folders based on what systems are currently available at RetroAchievements? When I've watched it run, it looks like it downloads a rom list for a given system, then checks the files located in each system's folder one by one. It doesn't appear to be doing a scan of EVERY rom, just the ones in folders designated as a compatible system. So say for instance that I have completely renamed my megadrive folder as genesis (I haven't, this is just an example). The hascheevos tool then goes to scan but skips the Genesis folder completely because it's looking for Megadrive. I have the roms, but not in the same folder it wants, so it doesn't scan for it. Does that make sense?

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    @hansolo77 The script has a --system parameter for specifying which system under $HOME/RetroPie/roms/ should be analysed. I'm sure you can also modify the script to extend the list of default folders it looks, it's just a wrapper around the binary (which looks only at a ROM at a time).

  • Thanks for this great gaming achievement (eh eh, did you get that? Wink wink, nudge nudge), I'm making my custom collection and found a problem. Hascheevos found only like a ⅓ of games automatically, the missing games I have to put myself. Then I open the retro achievements page and go one by one to see if I missed something, and finally have to open one by one and see if achievements have been listed.
    I suppose that's because it's the cheevos amount on the time this was last updated?
    Can we include on our own the psx and n64 cores on hascheevos?
    Again, thank you very much

  • @CapNinja my tool is a bit outdated.
    it's on my plans to update it this month or january, as time permits.
    I'll announce here when it's done.

  • @meleu like a genki-dama, I'm sending my energy and good vibes to you. Thanks

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