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Gamepadblock Issue: Not detecting "Start" Button on Mega Drive controllers

  • Hi there, my name is Urluck, and I am the process of hollowing-out a Mega Drive 2 to host a Raspberry Pi for emulation purposes.

    Having previously ran the pi without issue, I recently acquired a gamepadblock with the hope of using original controllers, but I've ran into an odd problem. Despite 3 different controllers, in two different ports, attempts to configure them in Retropie fail. The start buttons are not detected. I am currently using the original ports, which was an absolute nightmare to do, so I can't dismiss the possibility I soldered something wrong, but its really weird, so I don't know what to think.

    Anybody got any advice, please?


  • Global Moderator

    Sorry for this late reply. Did you solve the issue in the meantime?
    Can you post an image of your hardware setup?

    Generally, it would be best to directly connect the controller sockets with the GamepadBlock and not have any Mega Drive specific PCB in between.

  • @petrockblog Hi there, my apologies for not responding. Real life got in the way there.

    I've not had oppitunity to work on it since, but here's a picture of the set up, which for some reason won't display directly

  • Did you check the wiring with a multimeter?
    I'm pretty sure it's going to be a wiring problem.

    If you have a spare connector lying around, I'd try and wire that one up and connect it to p1 and see if that works.

  • @moch I don't have a multimetre, I think I'm just gonna to order one or new connectors just to eliminate that possibility. Its just really weird to get to get the same problem on both ports.

  • @urluck
    I agree, but it's important to eliminate any possible mechanical faults before looking at the software.

  • @urluck what gauge are the wires? If you could shorten them and twist the ground and 5v wires together will help it a lot. The start button is reliant on the 5v having a good signal. Doubling up on the ground and 5v is something i would recommend. You could be losing too much voltage going from the block and your controller. If it is outputting on the 3.3v and not the 5v to the controller that could be an issue too.

  • @edmaul69 Thank you, I'll check those as well.

  • Hi there.

    I finally got back onto this. I've been using extension cables this time to eliminate crappy wiring, but hit an entirely new problem. Retropie doesn't detect the device, even after a system update.

    Any ideas?


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    Does another PC detect the device, for example a Windows or Mac system?

    If not, you can try if the update tool makes the GamepadBlock run again.
    If it is detected, you could use a USB gamepad assistant to see if the controllers are recognised correctly there.
    Could you post an image of your hardware setup here?

  • Regrettably, my windows 10 PC does not detect the block, enthough it is powering on.

    Here's some images.

    I take it the next step is to get into unix and run the program on the pi?

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    I would be surprised if a Unix/Linux system would recognise it either then.
    Can you please contact me via email? I will probably send you a replacement GamepadBlock then!

  • @petrockblog Hi there, just seen your response.

    Yes, thank you, will be in touch.

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