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Harmony remote

  • Hi, Im trying tog figure out how I can use my Logitech Companion remote/hub for navigation in the retropie meny. Yes I have used Google to figure it out without success... Please help.

  • Global Moderator

    @la You need a controller or a keyboard to be able to use the navigation in Emulationstation, so if you manage to make the remote act like one, then you'll be able to also use the menus. Does your remote support such feature ?

  • @mitu I am not sure if I understand, I will use the control to navigate in retropie, like I do today with The Ps3 controller. It is a Logitech Harmony control incl the hub.

  • Global Moderator

    @la From what I understand from your post, the device is a remote control. Can it also act work like a gamepad controller ? Because this is what RetroPie recognizes and configures to navigate the Emulationstation menus.

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