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[SCRIPT] RetroPie Convert Videos

  • @hiulit I have some changes to the script that fixes a few things

    1. Fixes the "converted-" folder issue with the first converted video
    2. Checks the result of avconv and if it failed it logs the result code and renames the file <rom>-video.mp4-failed so that you don't unknowingly stomp your valid video with a now corrupt one. ( which I certainly never did, just looking out for other folks ;) )

    I can email it to you?

  • @meleu It's needs a little love, but it's ok! Thanks! ;)

  • @alturis Hi there! If you have a GitHub account, I would prefer if you could create a Pull Request If not, you can find my email at ;) Thanks a lot!

  • @hiulit Hmm.. I do have a github account and use it quite a lot to work on my own projects. But I dont have much experience using it in this respect. It looks to me like in order to create a pull request I first need to be able to create my own branch of it. Which it is saying I do not have permission to do when I try it.

    Ah ok i see. I am able to create a fork and create a pull request that way. Done.

  • I've just released Retropie-Convert-Videos v1.0.2.


    • Fixed some outputs.
    • Fixed git clone URL in


  • @hiulit I have forked your repository here and modified your script so it uses ffmpeg and encode with VAAPI acceleration on a generic host machine (assuming that a VAAPI compatible GPU is present)
    The results are pretty good speed wise (and also quality wise). The script takes the original video bitrate and set it for the encoded yuv420p. I am no expert of bash so there are few limitation, one is that the home directory is set in the script itself
    Maybe you can/will merge everything in your script and adapt it so it can run on retropie or host and select the correct encoding?

  • @Menion said in [SCRIPT] RetroPie Convert Videos:

    I am no expert of bash so there are few limitation, one is that the home directory is set in the script itself

    Just curious, why didn't you use the original home detection or the config variant you still have as a comment in your script?

  • @Clyde because the modified script shall run on a host pc without requiring to have Retropie

  • @Menion Perfectly understandable, but reading the rom path from the cfg file or as an command line argument wouldn't be Retropie-dependant either, and yet more consistant with the other options.

    Just some friendly feedback. And thanks for mentioning me in the credits. 😊

  • The script requires improvement, but I am very bad in bash script

  • @Menion I would be very much inclined to help you, but my bash skills are extremely limited, too. My video conversion script is an example of the maximum level of my bash knowledge, and even for that I had to do some web research. Maybe @hiulit can give you some clues.

  • No problem. Meanwhile I need to figure out why the bitrate set seems to produce odd results. Without specifying anything the encoding goes up to double the bitrate of the original file, while setting it the result is 40% less. I know that with single pass enconding the bitrate cannot be precise, but this is a little bit too much

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