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Daisy chain?

  • Hi! I'm building a full size arcade cabinet with a beautiful RPI 3 inside. It's going well, have a look here if you like, it's in Swedish though:

    I got the advice here on the forum to buy the "Zero Delay Arcade USB Encoder" on Ebay for my sticks and buttons. They've arrived and it's soon time to put it all together, I'm just waiting for the metal plate I've had made with holes for all the things to go in.

    My question is now… about Daisy Chains. I hear about it time and time again, that I'm supposed to "make a daisy chain of my ground wire"? How do I do that? Which one is the ground, I never learn!
    alt text

  • Daisy chaining the ground saves on wiring and helps keep it tidy underneath.

    Basically on your buttons you will have either 2 or 3 connectors, 1 will be a ground connection and the other 1/2 connectors will be your signal.

    For your signal connector each connector has to be wired to a corresponding port on the usb encoder, where as you can chain the ground connections together using a single wire and connect those to a single ground connection on your raspberry pi
    [link text]([link text](link url))

  • @mark1986 Thank you! I have two wires for every button on my arcade setup, as it came delivered that way with the Zero Delay Controller Card. But I'm planning to build an arcade stick for my PS4, then I'll use a daisy chain for sure ;)

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