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[Guide]Adding MS-DOS games using eXoDOS and sduensin's import-eXoDOS script

  • To enhance nostalgia purposes I am going to download this with my 14.4k modem and copy it to my a: drive as a multidisk installation. See you guys in the Trade Wars tournament.

  • @TheDataCereal Do I DARE want to calculate how long that will take and how many 1.44mb floppies that will occupy?!?

  • @VictimRLSH That'd be like a modern day Ping Of Death to the modern landline infrastructure..and floppys? Pfff I used to work at AOL back in the day, do you know how many Floppies and CDs I've had shipped back to me out of spite? Heck, I used to mail them back to myself out of self hatred!

  • OK, just for giggles, I actually DID calculate that. Under IDEAL conditions it would take 6.7 years and occupy only 267,857 1.44mb floppy discs.

  • @BiZzAr721

    Sorry for bumping this but I tried to do the command for the es_systems.cfg and it’s not working for me at all I really could use the help on this

  • @GrandMasterLynx I believe es_systems.cfg lists .exe your extension type. You must add change to .SH & .sh since you will be running games from scripts. Anyway you make those changes will do. (if you keep .exe listed, you will have a bunch of game subfolders listed in ES)

    The way I mentioned above, the first command will create a copy of es_systems.cfg in your config folder. The 2nd command will give you proper permissions. (you can now easily view & edit es_systems.cfg from the config folder in samba share)

  • Hello again almost a year later. I'm in the process of a fresh install of my SD card as my old one was giving me grief... I do have backups but they are a bit bloated and I want the install to be as clean as possible... My exoDOS setup and for that matter, all roms and gamelists are on a USB harddrive. Could anybody let me know what (if any) issues may arise when trying to get the exoDOS collection working again? Which files on the SD card will need reconfiguring from a fresh dosbox install? Or... (even worse)... have I screwed up anything major by trying to go about the retropie reinstall this way (fresh retropie installation on new SD card?)

    Thank you for those listening and those who helped in the past, for any help is greatly appreciated!

    Edit: Turns out that it seems the gamelist for the exoDOS stuff is obviously not with the roms, as they now dont show up at all having installed dosbox and restarting the retropie. I could still grab the gamelist.xml from the old SD card if its on there instead. Would this be the recommended action? Thanks again!

    Edit: I'll have a go at copying over the gamelist.xml and make sure that the es_systems.cfg file only looks for dosbox .sh extensions I'll let you know how I get on!

  • Worked out absolutely fine! No issues once the gamelist was back all was perfect again :)

  • I need to get this done, have the massive download, just need time to work on it...

  • This post is deleted!

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