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Pin Outs for 5V Supply Voltage and Ground on ControlBlock 2.1

  • Hi,

    my ControlBlock just came in the mail today and everything seems fine.

    My question is, where to connect the 5V if i don't want to use the microUSB connector. The website says:

    "If you do not want to use USB connector, GND and the 5V supply voltage can also be accessed via two pins so that you could use batteries or whatever you like."

    On the board there are two holes next to the USB connector, labeled with "5V" and "+" and "-". I'm assuming these are the +5V and GND "pins" where i can connect my power supply?
    5V ?

    Seems pretty obvious, but I just wanted to ask before I solder two connecting pins there and fry the board when I apply 5V there :o

  • Global Moderator

    Yes, you are right. The 5V + and - pins that you marked in the image above can be attached to any other 5V power supply. Alternatively, you could solder a USB B socket to "USB2" if that is of any use for you.

  • Thanks for the clarification, soldered two pins there now

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