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[Solved] SNES directly to GPIO on RPI?

  • n00b question I think, but can you plug a single SNES controller directly to the GPIO pins on the RPI and still use SNESdev? I have it plugged like that currently, but RetroPie input config only recognizes when I press Y or B and they show up as button 0 and button 1...

  • Figured it out, sort of. Ended up just using the Gamecon GPIO module and getting the GPIO pin placement correct.

    Unfortunately, the victory became pointless when I then moved to install the PiTFT 3.5" screen as the kernel that the adafruit-pitft-helper installs is something like RetroPIE 4.1.14 v7, where the newest version, that the gamecon GPIO driver works with is 4.4.something. (Sorry don't have it running in front me.) I can actually see it uninstalling the gamecon module when I run the pitft-helper scripts, and then can't re-install gamecon from the RetroPIE setup util...

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