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  • @PiperCalls Ahhh...nevermind, I had OMXPlayer turned on and it wasn't displaying the video snaps correctly...all good now.

  • guys I made a short video from the ad for video splash screen here

    thanks for this theme !

  • Wow thank you @yop39 the video splash looks great. Would you be ok with me adding it to the github repo (i'll be sure to give you credit for it in the readme if that works)

  • @alphatoanant sure go ahead ! Thanks for your great job, if I can help let me know

  • Got a picade for Christmas and I've been using this theme for it. It looks absolutely stunning! For whatever reason though, the latest update to Emulationstation seems to be causing a weird issue with the theme...? It looks almost as if there is a "light" mode or something? I've tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the theme, but it still has the issue. Any thoughts?

  • @tiduscrying thank you for trying out the theme and yeah that is super odd. I haven't updated my version of emulationstation in a while so I'll try to get a test set up this weekend to see if I can work out what is causing this. Can you send over which version you are on (I gather the latest but just wanted to check)?
    Thank you for the heads up.

  • @alphatoanant By the looks of it, I am running emulationstation 2.9.0RP. I am going to try and see if I can try to downgrade to a previous version... I can't remember what I was on before, but I had a sinking feeling I'd break something when I updated things.

  • Hi, first off thank you for this theme. I think this theme looks beautiful; clean and minimalist, and matches the aesthetics of the Picade perfectly.

    I’m using it as a base for my customized theme, and I’m happy with it so far, but I don’t understand why the stripes on background image appear to be dimmer (or more transparent?) than it should be in the carousel view. The stripes appear brighter, and true to color, which matches the bezel on my Picade perfectly when I select a system (e.g. Arcade, NES, GBA, etc.). Is there a setting that I’missing that’s causing the behavior?

  • @porkyshmorky thank you for checking this out. I don't have my picade setup currently to test but 2 things I think to try are...

    1. In <feature supported="carousel"> I have a border graphic in place that sits between the system logo and the text that displays the number of games. Maybe try commenting that out to see if that is somehow dimming the stripes more than they should be.
    <image name="border" extra="true">
                <origin>0.5 0</origin>
                <size>0.29296875 0.005208333333333</size>
                <pos>0.5 0.1953125</pos>


    1. In <view name="detailed,video"> I have a transparent faded background that sits over the text to fade it out into the image/stripes. Maybe try commenting this out and comparing system to detail view? (I wonder if this is somehow making it look brighter when not on the carousel view - would be totally odd but its worth a shot to check)
    <image name="gamelist-fade" extra="true">
             <origin>0 0</origin>
             <size>0.09765625 1</size>
             <pos>0.537109375 0</pos>

    I'll see if I can get my picade setup this week to test out other options but hope this helps for now.

  • I tried commenting out both, like you suggested, but the dimming is still happening. I’m thinking this is just a default behavior in EmulationStation.

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