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GamepadBlock causing shutdown when connected.

  • Hoping someone can help me out. I’m so close to finishing this thing but this last issue I just can’t figure out. I am using an old broken PCB from a genesis. Power button, LED and reset all work fine. My problem is that I also wired up the original controller ports so I can use them with original genesis game pads. I’m using a game pad lock and tested the controllers on a pc using this setup. All was fine. My issue is that my pi won’t power up if the game pad block is connected to it. If I keep it unplugged and power up the pi, power cuts out as soon as I connect the USB. I must be shorting it out somehow but I can’t figure it out. This is my first project and I basically started with zero knowledge. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    @heed Are you using the ControlBlock or PowerBlock from ?

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    Does the GanepadBlock work with your PC?
    If not, it would seem to be an hardware issue with the GamepadBlock.

    Also, can you post an image of your hardware setup here?

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