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WiFi issues after attaching Controlblock on a Pi 3b+

  • Hey Community!

    I ran recently in an issue with the Controlblock and the Pi 3B+. I have no wifi connection if the Controlblock is attached. Anything (incl. WiFi) works fine without the Controlblock.
    I use the latest release of RetroPie (4.4 Stretch), have the original power supply and a Samsung Evo+ 64GB SD Card and the Controlblock2.

    I used 3 different ways to get my WiFi to work without the Controlblock:

    1. Via RetroPie-Menu --> Success
    2. Via wifikeyfile.txt --> Success
    3. Via wpa_supplicant.conf --> Success

    If I do that with an fresh install and an attached Controlblock:

    1. Via RetroPie-Menu --> Unable to connect
    2. Via wifikeyfile.txt --> Unable to connect
    3. Via wpa_supplicant.conf --> Unable to connect

    I also used a pre-made image from petrockblock (Stretch 4.4 with the Controlblock driver preinstalled) but also with no success...

  • @SuperPitendo what is the volts and amps output on your power supply and what type of power supply is it?

  • Original Raspi power supplywith 5V 2.5A.

    This is a hardware setup that already worked before with wifi. I didnt change anything (hardware and software). From one day to the other the wifi stopped working...

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