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[Theme] gameOS for Pegasus

  • @herb_fargus Ah good call, I didn't realise that.

  • @SephirothX2004 If you have a mouse, you can hit the Reset button on the controls screen with that too. But yeah, deleting settings.txt also works.

  • Hey @fluffypillow, your theme is really well done! Was wondering how on earth you did you do the tiles in the rom select screen that has the game title with the video preview running in the background when you hover over it?

    I used the skraper app to skrape video and title, and other assets, and there is an option to do a automatically generated asset combining different existing assets, but nothing like what's in your demo video? Did you use a custom template, and if so, can you share lol? :-)

  • @simbz23 The theme was actually made by @PlayingKarrde, and it's for Pegasus, not EmulationStation :) Pegasus happens to support custom asset compositions and positioning like this. You can also find the sources in the first post.

  • Does this support rocketlauncher?

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    @wallmachine I don't think so, the theme is for Pegasus - which is a the launcher itself.

  • @wallmachine I don't see why you can't use RocketLauncher but since RL is a middleman between launcher and emulator it doesn't really have any effect on this theme or launcher. The launcher is flexible enough to support RL although you'd have to manually set it up (I haven't tried this yet but do plan on it).

    I should also point out that I haven't converted the theme to the latest version of Pegasus so if you want to use it I would consider getting a slightly earlier version of the launcher for the time being.

  • @PlayingKarrde
    I'm using UXS to grab my asset files for Emulationstation. I was wondering which file in particular you use as preview in your grid. When I select a game the preview game-video.mp4 starts and if I open the information page I can see game-image.png so basically it's working. But the grid view itself lacks of a preview picture so would it be possible to use the game-marquee.jpg or something else that is common media obtained by scrapers as fallback?

  • @5schatten Hmm unfortunately your metadata would need to comply with the Pegasus standards (hence why I suggest to scrape). If it works in EmulationStation though I feel like it should work here too. @fluffypillow could you confirm that?

    As for what I'm using, it's simply the game preview video and the clear logo. If it doesn't find the video it will look for the screenshot. If it doesn't find the logo it will use text for the title.

  • @PlayingKarrde Well I've tried but IMHO it's some what bloated a bit,& UXS scrapes fine & both use as source afaik.
    Here ist a sample of my gamelist.xml I've double checked it and Emulationstaion shows the image, marquee & video and also the pegasus standard/included theme grid works fine. Your theme runs fine too beside the fact that it only shows text as the name of the game and shows no preview image although it plays the video in the backgroud once you've selected it and also shows the screeshot in the details page. Just the "grid view" is an empty field on dark boxes with game names ;-)

  • @PlayingKarrde @5schatten yes, EmulationStation assets are supported, including marquees, but in addition to that, Pegasus also supports the "clear logo" asset type. That's what is used in this theme at the moment, which is why you don't see the marquees.

    If I remember correctly, you can use USX too to download the logos, the option to choose the assets should be in one of the menus. Then if you place the logo files under /.emulationstation/downloaded_images/ (eg. /.emulationstation/downloaded_images/nes/Contra (U)-logo.png), it should be picked up by Pegasus.

  • @fluffypillow Thanks for the reply, I totally sh** the bed, and I meant to ask the question to @PlayingKarrde , but the compliment for the frontend and theme still goes to both of you!

  • Hey @PlayingKarrde you mentioned the theme isn't designed for the latest version of pegasus. Will it not work at all? What version of pegasus should I grab?

    As far as the asset type required for the game tiles, I already have video previews, and I have logos. So does your theme automatically put them together, or do I have to create them in the Skraper app?

  • @fluffypillow
    Well you can somewhat configure the assets types but I did not see any clean logo in the menu.

    As I said before my current setup works with all ES themes and Pegasus Grid & Pegasus ES2-Simple so IMHO it should work out of the box with GameOS too. It's probably nice to support additional logos & assets types but it would make sense to pick up existing assets without reworking them for a single Theme while all others already work ¯|__(ツ)_/¯

  • @5schatten "wheel" should be the clear logo, while the "wheel carbon/steel" is the logo over some background.

  • @fluffypillow you can chose which kind of visual is downloaded but actually all are saved as "marquee" so it's probably some kind of widespread standard for ES

  • @5schatten There shouldn't be any reason to do anything special for my theme if it works in others. The problem might be that UXS downloads the clear logos as marquee and Pegasus may not be picking that up as an option? They are downloaded as "wheel" for me also (sorry should have mentioned that before) but not marquee. I don't believe the other themes you mentioned use the clear logo which is why you're not seeing any issues there.

    I will try downloading UXS and seeing how it handles files.

    @simbz23 The latest version of Pegasus has updated how it handles game collections and I haven't had time to update the theme yet. It won't work at all I'm afraid. I forget exactly when the update occured but try Alpha 10 ( and if that doesn't work Alpha9 for sure will work. I will look into updating the theme today though so if I manage to get it done it may just be worth holding on for a bit.

  • @PlayingKarrde personally I don't care what your themes uses as long as there is a "fallback" option ;-) So if you could add something like if [ ! -f wheel ]; then image=marquee would be great :D I have no insight why UXS uses the marquee option as standard but several ES themes display the marquee in one way or another. If yours would pick up the marquee too your theme would work out of the box with ES assets because everything else is in place.

    @simbz23 this commit works fine with gameOS

  • @5schatten It actually does have a couple of fall back options, but I think the issue is possibly with what Pegasus is looking for as the fallback options.

    I've spent a couple of hours trying to update the theme for the latest Pegasus updates but it's unfortunately broken in so many places and the changes seem pretty far reaching. I'm going to have to wait for @fluffypillow to update the theme documentation as I don't have time to dig through it and figure it out right now. Hopefully once I get my head around the new changes better updating the rest of it will be straight forward.

  • @PlayingKarrde no problem -> take your time!

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