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GamePadBlock firmware update issue

  • Hello,

    I'm having difficulties in updating the firmware for the GamePadBlock. I'm a technical novice, although I'd like to think I can follow directions.

    On a Mac OS 10.13, admin account, and working from the steps on the GamePadBlock site:

    When at the "prepare" step, I get a message "Something went wrong. Is brew ( installed?"

    Paste of the terminal log below. Many thanks for any guidance!

    Davids-MacBook-Air-4:~ DaveB$ /Users/DaveB/Desktop/petrockutil-darwin-amd64 gamepadblock readversion /dev/tty.usbmodem1421
    Found GamepadBlock at /dev/tty.usbmodem1421 . The firmware version of it is ?
    Davids-MacBook-Air-4:~ DaveB$ /Users/DaveB/Desktop/petrockutil-darwin-amd64 gamepadblock prepare
    Attempting to install avrdude with Homebrew...
    Something went wrong. Is brew ( installed?
    2019/01/20 14:05:57 exec: "brew": executable file not found in $PATH
    Davids-MacBook-Air-4:~ DaveB$ /Users/DaveB/Desktop/petrockutil-darwin-amd64 gamepadblock update /dev/tty.usbmodem1421
    Downloading the latest firmware
    Most current firmware version is 1.2.0
    Downloading to firmware.hex
    48843 bytes downloaded.
    Downloaded firmware file firmware.hex
    Press the RESET button on the GameapadBlock to activate its update mode.
    Press 'Enter' to continue...
    2019/01/20 14:06:34 exec: "avrdude": executable file not found in $PATH
    Davids-MacBook-Air-4:~ DaveB$ 

  • Global Moderator

    It might be that brew is not installed on your machine. Brew is a package manager for MacOS and allows you to install all kinds of tools that you might also know from the Linux world. It is used by the update tool.

    Could you try and install brew depicted at It boils down to calling

    /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

  • @petrockblog

    That did it! Up and running... thank you!

  • Global Moderator

    Glad to hear that!

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