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Undervoltage when using powersupply through ControlBlock

  • Setup: rPi3B+, ControlBlock with two arcade joysticks and buttons, official powersource, Retropie4.5.1 from RetroPie website, USB devices connected: SSD, HDMI-VGA converter cable with audio miniplug out powered via USB from Pi.

    Problem: I have had the powersource connected through the Pi itself, on the same setup, for a year and never had the lightning symbol come up. Now when I connected a safe shutdown switch to the ControlBlock and moved the power source to the ControlBlock I started getting the lightning symbol on screen. I also get a warning in the command line: ”[22089.613944] Under-voltage detected! (0x00050005)”. What should I do about this? Why does it occur only when powering the setup through the ControlBlock?

  • Global Moderator

    The power switch on the ControlBlock lead to a small voltage-drop at the switching component (as does every electronically component). From other projects I know that especially additional USB devices can be problematic. I guess that when you disconnect, one or both USB devices (SSD, converter) the under voltage disappears. Alternatively, you could get an active USB hub that powers the additional USB devices and keep the connection between the RPi and the USB devices.

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