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Arcade buttons, RetroPie 4.5, ControlBlock 1.5

  • I built a picade several years ago and had everything working properly until recently. I decided that since I had to troubleshoot my install, i would just start fresh and also upgrade my hardware as well. I was using Control Block 1.5 on a Pi 2 model B.

    My new setup consists of
    Pi 3 model B+
    Control Block 1.5
    3 amp power supply
    2 Player setup with 8 way joystick 6 buttons each player and 2 additional buttons for each player for coin and 1P, 2P
    Fresh install of RetroPie 4.5

    This got me up and running pretty quickly into emulation station and after a little fiddling I have been able to get the led and the power switch to work properly. The problem is that when I boot up the machine it brings me into the controller setup screen where I can see that 2 game pads are connected, however it does not recognize any button presses for configuration.

    I have completed the following steps (not Necessarily in this order)

    • used the script for the installation of the control block drivers
    • used the retropie config menu to activate the control block drivers
    • realized that I may have installed the version of drivers that were for ControlBlock Version 2.*
      -clean install of RetroPie 4.5
    • original script for ControlBlock 1.* drivers
    • when none of the control block functionality returned I then used the RetroPie config menu to reactivate the Control Block drivers (i'm pretty sure that this reinstalled the ControlBlock 2.* drivers)

    It still recognizes the 2 gamepads but cannot configure the controls.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • OK . I guess nevermind. After hours of changing settings and rebooting and searching for answers, I changed a few more things again and rebooted again and now it works. Im not sure what I did to fix it but so far so good, Ill report back if it resorts to its old self.

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    Glad to hear!

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