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[ES Theme] VectorPie (16:9)

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    Hello all. So with the release of the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B and compatible RetroPie software I was hoping to revisit this theme. My hope is with the slight upgrade to performance and clock frequency in the new Pi, as well as the possibility of more memory to dedicate to EmulationStations video memory, that perhaps this theme would become more viable. I haven't kept up with the RetroPi fork of ES and am not sure how themes and memory for the UI are handled now. I would be more than happy to receive any insight or suggestions into this. I have my new Pi set up and ready to start testing my theme, but I thought I'd bring this back up with the community to see if there's any new feedback or ideas on stability. I hope to hear from you!


    I can confirm that with EmulationStation on RetroPie 4.6 or sooner on a Raspberry Pi 4 2GB and above, this theme works perfectly, though you may need to slightly increase the VRAM allocation setting if you have a lot of systems/categories.


    The current version can be downloaded here.

    alt text


    Here are some new sample images for the theme.

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • Hello again all, I can now at least confirm that my theme works astoundingly well on the Raspberry Pi 4 4GB, at least up to 11 systems and categories loaded. I am currently loading up one system/roms at a time waiting to see when blank white/black screens and missing assets begin. I'm up to 11 and all having no problems.

    Any comments and suggestions are more than welcome. If you're using it, and enjoy it, let me know! If you're using it, and having any trouble, let me know!


  • Tested the theme on my Pi4b that is OC'd to 1750mhz and it works great. I like the images and all. I have about 18 emulators and they all work. On the Atari consoles there is a details pane with all the info, any way to get that for others like N64? Also the SNES details pane is not working, all I have is a list of games. I dont get what is pictured above.

  • @SubZ3r0 Well sadly, all of the details and photos are a matter of what assets you have and are listed on your gamelist. If you have the info and the images scraped then I believe they should work fine.

    So I can confirm I have I think close to 20 categories running on a non-oced Raspberry Pi 4 4GB, and it's running great! My guess is that the key is having more RAM, and not really the improved processing power of the Pi4.

  • Thanks for the reply. Ill have to try scraping again.

  • @SubZ3r0 No problem. I don't think it's an issue with the theme, but let me know how it turns out. I haven't tested SNES yet.

  • I have seen no slow downs or black/white/blank images in all my tests. I still need to edit the Readme, but then I would like to submit it to be added to the theme list, so if anyone knows the proper procedure for that, please let me know!

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    @Zachariel Submit a PR to the RetroPie-Setup repository - like this.

  • @mitu Thank you for the info and the speedy reply!

  • This theme is absolutely beautiful, one of the best I've ever seen. However, as I have 49 different categories in ES, I had to crank the VRAM limit up to 160 MB to eliminate white/black/blank/flickering images. It does take noticeably longer for ES to load on startup than it did with the previous theme I was using (Eudora), but it's totally worth it for such a great theme.

    EDIT: I'm on a 2 GB Pi 4, just fyi.

  • @SeraphisCain Thank you very much for your kind words and for the information. I'll probably add to the readme that you may need to slowly increase the vram setting if you have a lot of categories. I'm also glad to hear it works on the 2GB version of RPI4, though I assumed that it would.

    I'm happy you enjoy it!

  • @Zachariel I hope you don't mind, but I added a few categories of my own as well. They're all fairly niche systems/arcade hardware/developers so I didn't really want to bug you to add them. They're clearly not up to the standards of your work, but for something I threw together in an hour or so, they're not bad I think. :)




    alt text

  • @SeraphisCain No, of course, I don't mind. They aren't bad at all. I don't think I've seen any of them in themes before, except maybe Cage. I do recognize Naomi though.

  • @Zachariel X68000 has been in Carbon for a couple years now, but yeah, you don't often see these categories in a lot of themes, I agree.

  • @SeraphisCain Really? Well, I may have to add that one at least.

  • This is a really nice looking theme. I particularly like the way the different "strands" filter down from the console view to the detailed view. It's really really clever.

  • @mattrixk Thank you, sir. I'm a big fan of MetaPixel and Spare as well. I have both.

  • @mattrixk said in [ES Theme] VectorPie (16:9):

    I particularly like the way the different "strands" filter down from the console view to the detailed view. It's really really clever.


  • I will also gladly take suggestions, or requests! I want to add another category already, so might as well do multiple things at once.

  • @Zachariel Aside from the categories I added, another change I made was swapping out the PlayStation logo for one where the PlayStation text is white with a black outline. Makes it far easier to read, as the text the logo uses now is almost the same shade of grey as the background. Maybe you could do something like that? Or at least darken the logo text a few shades?

    Also, would it be possible to make the game description text use the entire space allotted for it? As it is now, the entire top 1/3 of the box isn't used.

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