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What emulators can the pi zero run well?

  • I would guess starfox, if any, would be the problematic game. Maybe that's the game suprjami's thinking of.

    I won't start this right away, but when I do I'll make sure to report back with my own account of what runs well. Thanks again for the info.

  • I tried Ps1, and games run ok (ok meaning slight frame dips and crackling audio).

  • O_O Boy, am I curious now. Problems with snes, runs some ps1... this thing is a mystery.

  • @diegzumillo I'm surprised too! :)

  • I'm going to try it this weekend on my Pi Zero (just got it). I'm confused as to why SNES wouldn't work properly. Maybe it's just a configuration issue or selecting the right emu. When I try this and if I run into the same issue, I'll see if I can find a solution. Either way, I'll report back here by or before Sunday.

  • here's a list of emulators I recently used with good results after testing on my Pi model B which is overclocked to 1GHZ so should work the same for 0

    lr-quicknes, mame4all, lr-picodrive (genesis), lr-gambatte(gameboy), lr-beetle-pce-fast(tg16)

  • I'm practicing for the tournament and doing this on the side. I'm going to try ZSNES. This really shouldn't be a problem. The system isn't that much different from the Pi # series. I'll pop back in later today because my girlfriend is being a... ... ... you get the idea. ;)

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    Not sure why people here are saying they are having issues... But that's un true.... All 16bit games run 100% snes Megadrive sms Neogeo pocket nes etc etc gngeo runs all Neogeo games 99% the frame drops only happen when the orignal cart has the same issues example metal slug. Most arcade games run flawless hyper street fighter 2 100% marvel vs capcom 100% alien vs pred etc 100% cps1/2 100%....... N64 is shit anyways so I didn't test that also there isn't a good n64 emulator in pc world.

    Only game I had lag on I couldn't fix was street fighter 3rd strike but it runs say 80-90% not playable for me .

    So all in all the pizero is very capable little board just keep you expectations to 16-bit era and if it can run anything else take it as a bonus.

    Using 4.02 retropie on a pie zero 1.3 with cam connection. Hope that helps

  • @twd said in What emulators can the pi zero run well?:

    Not sure why people here are saying they are having issues... But that's un true.... All 16bit games run 100%

    Last time I tried on Pi Zero without overclock, F-Zero in RetroArch produced sound stuttering and slow speed. Maybe things have improved since RetroPie 4, and PiSNES probably runs it better.

    I found overclocking the core (hence GPU and 3D accelerator) up to 500 solved that problem.

    What emulator are you using to run Neo-Geo and CPS2 at full speed? Have you overclocked any components?

  • @suprjami i used lr-fba-next for neo geo. runs good with no overclocking. I didnt add cps games or mame due to having a full 16gb card from home consoles.

  • It should be able to handle pretty much all 8 and 16 bit consoles without much issue. The only exception might be some SNES titles using the SuperFX 1 and 2 chips. It probably won't handle 32x or PSX very well without some serious tweaking, and almost certainly not N64 in any enjoyable fashion. That's just based on my experiences about 2 years ago or so with the Pi1 Model B+ overclock to 1 GHz, which I believe is the stock clock for the Pi Zero. Things might be different now so I recommend testing while managing expectations. If all your after is up to 4th generation stuff though, you should be fine with the Pi Zero.

  • @twd How did you get Marvel VS Capcom to work? Mine loads the game and just sits at a black screen. I am using FBA.

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    @SIrRandall runs in pifba actually ever rom worked from fba list.... If you search YouTube for simply Austin he gives out a fightcade pack ... I know that one works grab that

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    @suprjami you cannot over o'clock a pi zero it comes clocked .. I just downloaded the standard retro pi from here pi0/1 option on home page I didn't do anything special accept feed it roms .

    Sorry and I used just pifba for most Neogeo roms / cps2 but if the Meg count is high ala metal slug 3 pifba won't boot it but gngeo will and runs 60fps if you believe the counter on gngeo.

  • @twd said in What emulators can the pi zero run well?:

    @suprjami you cannot over o'clock a pi zero it comes clocked

    Yes you can. sudo vim /boot/config.txt and

    Bumping the core, GPU, and RAM up to 500 fixes any slowdown I encountered with SNES games.

    I wouldn't bother overclocking the CPU, you tend to only get another hundred MHz or so out of these ARM chips, it doesn't seem worth the risk.

    You can verify your overclock with vcgencmd measure_clock while doing something that causes the component speed to ramp up, like playing games in an emulator.

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    @suprjami I am sure that I read on the pi forums it has no affect ... It may show a diffrent setting but actually standard ... But as I read it there I took it as fact. Only game I had slowdown on is star fox but I have that anyway on cart. But yeah I am no expert

  • @twd I just tested, it works.

    Fresh RetroPie image with no overclock config:

    $ vcgencmd get_config int | egrep "arm|core|gpu|sdram"

    Core speeds while running PiFBA to ramp the clock speeds up:

    $ for clock in arm core v3d isp h264; do echo -e "$clock:\t$(vcgencmd measure_clock $clock)"; done
    arm:	frequency(45)=1000000000
    core:	frequency(1)=400000000
    v3d:	frequency(43)=300000000
    isp:	frequency(42)=300000000
    h264:	frequency(28)=300000000

    Set some overclocks:

    $ egrep "^[^#].*freq" /boot/config.txt 

    Reboot and the config changes are applied:

    $ vcgencmd get_config int | egrep "arm|core|gpu|sdram"

    Running PiFBA again confirms it:

    $ for clock in arm core v3d isp h264; do echo -e "$clock:\t$(vcgencmd measure_clock $clock)"; done
    arm:	frequency(45)=1000104000
    core:	frequency(1)=500000000
    v3d:	frequency(43)=500000000
    isp:	frequency(42)=500000000
    h264:	frequency(28)=500000000

    In my experience, the difference in performance also demonstrates the overclock is working.

    Don't believe everything you read on the internet, not even my post above! Learn how things work and try it yourself :)

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    Not doing that ... As I took my info from the raspberry pi dev team . You will lose warranty too. But I have no reason to overclock as everything is working fine.... Thanks for posting the tib bits though sure thee applicable to the pi 1

  • @twd said:

    You will lose warranty too.

    Possibly. On the earlier models the warranty-void bit was only set when you put force_turbo=1 or current_limit_override=1. Anything less than that was considered a "safe" overclock.

    There's also what the retailer will exchange ("hey it just stopped booting i dunno what happened") and what the manufacturer eventually decides to offer wholesaler warranty on or not.

    Anyway, for an item that costs $5 or less, who cares? If it dies just turn it into a keychain and buy a new one.

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    I know what your saying but in the uk at least stock is low ...considering they make them 5 miles away . I am happy at stock setting.. Also new to linux so not comfortable with it don't help I have dyslexia :( . I have to sit with my iPad and pie running so I can look up code words.

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